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January Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 24 days ago

Greetings Reapers, 

This is our first update of the year so pay attention :) If I mess something up don't worry @Skay will tell me 

New Year Message

I would like to start with a huge thank you to all of you. This has been a hard year full of disappointment and isolation for many people. this guild and it's members have made the difference, your commiserations, your comfort and comradery have made this year memorable in all the best ways. Thanks to discord and the community I have witnessed your creativity, your hidden skills and niche interests and feel like I have gotten to know you better. We have shared the burden of worry for ourselves, our friends, and our families (including pets and fur babies) giving us a chance to share our troubles with true friendships. All built on the steady foundation of tomfoolery, wtf videos and clever memes. 


Today is the day...the purge one day a year where we face the fire of administration work and remove inactive members from the guild. Here is how it works for us if you were wondering. 

1. Warning - We sent mails out a month or so ago and created the open forum channel to get feedback before we removed anyone. We determined that for the ease of admin and for the purpose of building a strong social community we would require all our members to Sign up on Discord to remain in the guild.

2. Judgement - We have the long task of double and triple checking who has been active over the last year, who has signed up on discord and who has been active on that server. We decided that you do not have to be in ESO to be a part of our community you want to sit on Mario Kart swearing at your husband for winning again whilst talking to the Reapers that's bringing something to our community...Entertainment. We also decided that as long as you are on Discord where you can read our #announcements-channel and sign up in our #guild-events channel for events if you want to that's good enough for us. The choice to join in is yours and I don' have to send out hundreds of mails which no one reads or has a full inbox.

3. Purge - We have removed just over 50 inactive members of the guild mostly those who haven't been online for a long time both in game and on Discord. we have set some members that have earned no xp (meaning no chat, no posts, no events nothing) have made them guests on our discord channel and are reaching out to find out if they are still interested in being a part of our guild and what's been holding them back.

4.Whoops - We have had a few members we have no idea who they were and their name doesn't match anything else we have if this is the case we have removed them. If someone you know who is active and/or on discord and was removed please contact us, it is difficult to keep track of so many people especially if we have multiple names for the same person. I would also like to apologise to Bloodkin a fairly new member who was mistakenly removed, I have re-invited you with an apology. 

Bonus XP and Upvotes

We have recently initiated a new way to upvote your fellow reapers to thank them for the group, the laugh or even for just being them. you can do this by reaction to one of their posts with the :reaper: emote. We have also reduced the vote cooldown to 8hrs, making it a little easier to show your appreciation for a couple of guildies a day without obsessively watching the time because who has time for that?! We also don't want to start a fad of clickbaity posts as this is not what the reapers is about. We should also tell you that you cannot downvote anyone not even your husband when he has muted you. 

You may have also noticed that several guild members levelled or ranked up today this was because we allocated bonus xp to those guild members that we feel had not had the correct amount of recognition for their contributions to the guild, members such as The one who did the sworn enemy of activity rank who like to take him down a peg or our beloved Sal who makes me laugh with every conversation though he is rarely on discord...Saborigan the Kraken couple. *snorts like a pig*  

To be clear this is a one off event for the new year and we like to let Activity Rank do it's job, so members rank reflect how much time they give to the community and it's members. Normally the only xp you earn outside of voice chat, messaging and upvotes is "bonus" xp which we only assign for participating in guild events at the discretion of the person running the event/group.


We have finally released David from his human bonds and let him fly free. Thank you for running those events and stepping in as a Reapers Hand while we found our wonderful specimens that we have. If you are wanting to help out with running an event whether as a Reapers Hand (Officer) or more casually please contact me we always looking for more helpers and instigators.

We have also announced our Titles for December

Reapers Ambassador is Dawn the crafter or many things and the gifter of much knowledge

Reapers Bard the ironically taciturn Nevar, Dungeon Master for our D&D nerds and whip crack one-liner comedian with the reflexes of a cat...I think he is playing a Tabaxi Bard with cutting words.

Reapers Scribe is Raiko, who has shared his highs and lows from injury and memes to creative mastery and knowledge, thanks for the journey.

A new Reaper's Champion will be chosen on 16th January for now though our enthusiastic morale officer TheOneWhoDid holds the title still

Discord Directory & Orientation

Most of our guild community is now run through discord and the server has gotten big with many channels, to help make this easier I have added a new channel called #discord-directory which lists all the channels in their categories and what those channels are for. Even better they have links to those channels so you can use it like a shortcut when you go server blind and can't see it in the list.

We have also created a "how to" guide for discord just useful things to know about getting your set up right for you.

Reapers Resolutions & Polls

We have a whole year to fill with our usual craziness but what to are our plans

 - Veteran Trials: breathe don't panic we can do this! It something that comes up regularly. We will never do Veteran Hardmodes as a guild it requires too much discipline and coordination which we don't find fun. We can however work to complete all the trials on Veteran. Register your interest on our #answer-the-call channel on discord.

- Complete Trial Guides: We are hoping to complete these as we go through them. I find that other guides online have either too little information (Just DPS through) or too much information (too wordy) so I write my own when I need it. I would appreciate any help available for this project by contacting me directly you can see what I have done so far on #trial-guides channel

-Complete PVP Guides: I have written some useful tips to get members started in PVP, these are tips I have been given over the years by PVP'ers. I would like to do something similar for Battlegrounds and Imperial City. So members can get a feel for what they have in store for our events and what they can do to prepare. Again any volunteers to write these would be greatly appreciated.

-Get that sweet boat furnishing: Master Angler achievement this is a long project and for some can be tedious, but your face is starting to twitch you need the achievement. Well thankfully we have 2 guildmembers to help you through our Reapers Hand Platy and our general Handyman Dawn who are running regular fishing events leading you through the zones. These are very relaxed events great for after a long day at work to enjoy the scenery and the company and get that boat !

These goals for the guild are general themes not expectations, if you have any ideas or suggestions let us know on the #opem-forum channel

We have some polls on the #polls-say-aye channel and we would love to have your opinion it only takes the click of a button.

N.B. You can vote for multiple options.

1. Event Days

2. Event Start Times

3. Cyrodiil Home Campaign

4. First Veteran Trial to attempt

5. Event Types

- Motif Hunt (such as dailies quests)

-Antiquity Leads (Gotta find them all wherever they are)

-Group Achievements (Dungeons and Trials mostly)

-Fun achievements (Fishing, jumping off cliffs)

-Sill Events (no reason but a laugh all WW groups and strip trials)

Dungeons & Dragons

 As some of you are bored to death of hearing about and others are politely curious, we have several D&D campaigns running in the guild and I wanted to give the larger community an update in case some of you are interested.

What is D&D? A Roleplaying game that simulates actions by rolling dice.

Is it hard to learn? No, there are several bite sized videos you can watch which will teach you the basics.

Does it take a lot of time? It can take less than an hour to build a character depending on how much you read through ALL the options. Players rarely need to do anything between session except pick a new spell or 2 if you levelled up. Sessions are usually monthly or biweekly and can last between 3-6hrs. Though our Dungeon Masters are flexible, so you can leave early if and when you need to.

What would I need to do? I recommend D&D Beyond a handy website to answer your specific questions or to browse through the options. You don't need to know everything the DM's will tell you rules as you go but you need to know your character. What are your abilities and how they work? D&D character sheet has most of it built in.

Be warned this stuff is addictive! You can get lost in character options, researching builds or watching videos and that's without Critical Role (Professional Voice actors playing D&D highly entertaining their sessions are weekly and last at least 4hrs there are 100s of episodes)


Shadow of Alistera - run by Nevar, a fairly low level campaign still at the moment, and has room for 1 more player.

Morgans Campaign (It doesn't have a name yet) - run by Morgana, hasn't started yet but already has 8 Players so full at this time.

Soul Harvest - run by Morrigan and S'Abor is set in Tamriel level 7 at the moment with much of the story still to go. We have room for a player or two to join.

Prismatic Prison - run by Morrigan and S'Abor this began as a beginners introduction to D&D with monthly episodes. The Players are quite high level now and beginners may struggle to catch up with such a gap. This campaign will most likely finish around May.

One Shots

Are singular sessions with a complete mini adventure like a dungeon. These are perfect for learning D&D and we will likely run some starting in the Summer once Prismatic Prison is finished. If anyone is interested in running a One Shot please let me know !

You don't need to play or be interested in D&D to be a member of the Reapers nor will it replace ESO or the events we run.


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