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April Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 132 days ago

Greetings Reapers

Well we started off the month with the long anticipated real life meet up which was awesome and once again thanks to all who came and for those who couldn't make it we have many more stories to entertain you with.



As of now all events will be in BST British Summertime which is GMT+1, so please double check event start times until you get the conversion straight. On Discord and on the website if you set which timezone you are in our calendars make the conversion for you but sometimes its a little buggy. A good rule of Thumb is we usuall start events between 7pm and 8pm BST.


Veteran Blackrose Prison

We are making excellent progress and we have made it to the final boss and we are regularly getting past the second boss. To help in our attempts we will be running a few more normal runs to help new members get used to the mechanics before we throw them into Veteran. We will also be mixing which days we will be running the event so we have longer events to allow more attempts. So as of April we will have at least one Wednesday and one Friday attempt a month.


Friday dungeons is a simple and popular event of ours which we wish to continue however to accommodate other ambitions we will be mixing up the days. We will continue Veteran DLC dungeons every other Friday but will be changing how we run the Base Game pledges. 

Base Game Pledges will now be run on the alternate Wednesdays instead of the fridays between the DLC pledges but we will be changing how you sign up instead of choosing your role you can now choose whether you want to do Normal pledge, Veteran Pledge or Veteran Hardmode Pledge. We will be doing the base game pledges only  so you will not need experience or any DLCs to join in. Please remember you will need at least a level 50 character for Veteran. These dungeons are fairly easy so feel free to have a go even if you feel unprepared.



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January Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 202 days ago

Happy New Year!!!



We are still running Veteran Dungeons most Fridays we run Base Game Pledges and the DLC Pledge on alternates weeks.

Exact dungeons are listed on the Event details you can view on the Events calendar or #events channel on discord. 

We are hoping to complete achievements and our Set Stickerbook collection, but by completing pledges we also collect Transmutation Crystals and Undaunted Keys as well.


We are still working through Veteran Blackrose Prison making progress a couple of Wednesday evenings a month we are burned in Round 1 then curse Netches in Round 2 and on a good week Round 3. You can follow our progress and as well read up on mechanics and Tip on #blackrose-prison channel.



We have had a new Daedric War including Morrowind Chapter, Clockwork City DLC and Summerset Chapter, which ends on 1st February. 

In February the Whitestrake Mayhem event with double alliance points rewards from Cyrodils Alliance War, Imperial City and Battlegrounds.

In March the Jesters Festival begins with daily quests and 100% xp bonus.


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