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October Update

by S'Abor Duskhunter, 24 days ago

Greetings one and all! It has been a while since we have done an update here so let me welcome you back with some fantastic news... Dragonhold is LIVE! Here are a few interesting tidbits of information gleaned from the Patch Notes to get you excited before you get to head into Southern Elsweyr!

  • New gear sets are available and as luck would have it the Guild already have the three complete Attunable crafting stations needed to have them all added to our Crafting Hall in @Stubbsy48's Coldharbour Surreal Estate! Keep an eye out for the Ancient Dragonguard, Daring Corsair and New Moon Acolyte sets in the Crafting Hall. There will also be three new 'Dropped' Sets available too.
  • An Updated 'Looking for Group' tool is introduced in this update. The UI will look the same but there will be a few changes. "Removing from Area" now gives you 2 minutes to allow more time for Quest completions and looting. Battlegrounds will now immediately send you into a Battleground whilst the group finder continues to look for more players. If they do not find 3 players per team in 5 minutes you are kicked back out but no timer penalty will be applied. The Alliance War section of the group finder tool has been removed.
  • A new Alliance War Campaign is available. Laatvulon is a 30-day, CP enabled non-Alliance locked campaign. This means we will be dong another Guild home campaign poll on our Discord server so watch out for that in the #Polls-say-aye channel.
  • Blackrose Prison has had a Nerf... ish. Apparently it is now marginally easier to complete. Watch for some Guild events to test this theory.
  • WARNING: Exiting the play area in Lair of Maarselok is now more strictly enforced...


To Be Continued...

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