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Greymoor Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 13 days ago

Bethesda Unveils Details On The Dark Heart of Skyrim & Greymoor Chapter

  • There are 3 new crafting stations for us to collect for the guild hall donations of attuneable crafting stations or Master Writs are greatly appreciated and should be sent to @Stubbsy48
  • To start Antiquities visit the Antiquarian Circle in Solitude 
    • Leads can be foun anywhere and expire after 30 days but you can find them again!
  • We have arranged events for June to complete Normal Kynes Aegis 12 man Trial, Harrowstorms and the 2 Public dungeons
    • Master Field Cartographer Costume from the Dwemer Public Dungeon
  • 2 New Houses a Inn room in the Lonely Troll and the Proudspire Manor (which IS available for gold on completion ofWestern Skyrim Grand Adventurer Achievement)
  • VAMPIRIC PAINTINGS found in chests below skyrim, collect instruments for the Bard College to claim a music box.
  • New Alchemy Reagents - Crimson Nirnroot, Vile coagulent, Chaurus Eggs New Trait Minor timidity (The opposite of heroism)
  • New Essence Rune - Indeko Jewellery Glyphs Prismatic Recovery & Reduce SKill Cost (Antiquities)

Base Game

  • Justice System now applies to Vampires and Werewolves like the Necromancers (Kill on Sight Bounty and Stage 4 means Merchants ma no trade with you)
    • Vampire Skill Points have been refunded
  • Imperial City - Can complete Daily Quests without completing the Main Quests first
    • Sewer Patrol Bosses now count as bosses for events
    • Scamps and District bosses respawn more quickly
  • Housing Precision Editing this ones for you Kazz!
  • ALLIANCE CHANGE TOKENS...We can all fight for the Queen now...(Crown Store Only)
  • MORROWIND - no quest requirements for the Vivec City Dailies (still need the quest completion for Ashlander Dailies)
  • Combat
    • Synergy Priorities - 1st Mechanic, 2nd Player Heals & Shields, 3rd Player Utility, Buff & Debuff 4th Strictly Damage Synergies
    • Reduced Bash Damage
    • Base Critical Resistance 20% for all players
  • Updated the Arena Weapons and additional Perfected Versions
  • Impressario for Events will be in Chapter Cities as well

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Greymoor Chapter