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January Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 3 days ago

Happy New Year!!!



We are still running Veteran Dungeons most Fridays we run Base Game Pledges and the DLC Pledge on alternates weeks.

Exact dungeons are listed on the Event details you can view on the Events calendar or #events channel on discord. 

We are hoping to complete achievements and our Set Stickerbook collection, but by completing pledges we also collect Transmutation Crystals and Undaunted Keys as well.


We are still working through Veteran Blackrose Prison making progress a couple of Wednesday evenings a month we are burned in Round 1 then curse Netches in Round 2 and on a good week Round 3. You can follow our progress and as well read up on mechanics and Tip on #blackrose-prison channel.



We have had a new Daedric War including Morrowind Chapter, Clockwork City DLC and Summerset Chapter, which ends on 1st February. 

In February the Whitestrake Mayhem event with double alliance points rewards from Cyrodils Alliance War, Imperial City and Battlegrounds.

In March the Jesters Festival begins with daily quests and 100% xp bonus.


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November Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 80 days ago

Greetings Reapers

This will be a quick update for full details please visit our Discord Server.

You have noticed the update to Discord we are focusing even more on our community rather than the games we play. Many of our great friends now play games other than The Elder Scrolls Online including our many Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Things you will notice we have created sections for various games and groups inlcuding guest permission for any friends you want to tag along from other games. At our recent Reapers Meet one of the fun things we had was socialising whilst playing a variety of games sharing moments and achievements.

Speaking of the Reapers Meet we have booked our next one you can see all the details on our #reapers-meet channel unfortunately the cabins have already been booked but if you still want to come, you can pop in for the day book your own cabin or even pick a room at a local hotel and meet up as you wish!

We will be going on a recruitment drive including updating our advertisements, social media and posting more regularly in Zone Chat. If you meet any players you think will enjoy our atmosphere or are looking for a social guild please share our link of if you are Adept Rank or Higher you can invite new members directly to the guild and discord server. Encourage new members to join our server to get the most up to date information about the guild and game and most importantly what events we are running.

Speaking of events we will be continuing our quest to complete Veteran Blackrose Prison which we are making steady progress with. The new deadlands DLC has encouraged us to run Veteran Pledges on a Friday alternating Base Game and DLC each week to gather and complete our set sticker book in game. The in game Undaunted Celebration due to take place this month will also help our collection as well as extra goodies, the exact dates are yet to be announced but as normal we will be running regular groups for normal random dungeons to earn those rewards and tickets.


May you have keen eyes and sharp scythes

Reapers Council

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