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March Update

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 25 days ago

Reapers Hands
Skay the all knowing has stepped down as an officer, needing more time for real life responsibilities. If anyone is interested in running some guild events either casually like Dawn or more officially as a Reapers Hand (Officer) which has other responsibilities too, please contact Morrigan or S'Abor.


Reapers Meet

We are once again trying to arrange a Reapers Real Life Meet Up, we have picked a date 27th September and a place Sherwood Forest Holidays (UK). I am hoping to book the Cabins on 1st April so I need to know how many are coming by then. Let me know in the #reaper-meet discord channel. It will cost about £240 per room.


Groovy & Playlists

We created a new channel #Playlist to share and save your Spotify playlists for easy use on Discord. there you will also find a Reapers ESO playlist which anyone can add to. We do ask that any songs added follow the community guidelines and are no longer than 5 minutes each. (So no entire soundtracks in a single track)


In Game Festivals

Jesters FestivalThursday 25th March - Thursday 1st April

You can read the details of the festival in #jester-festival discord channel. Fenix will be running an event for some Jester's Festival achievements you can sign up on discord #guild-event channel.


Anniversary Festival - Thursday 1st April - Tuesday 13th April

You can read the details of the 7th Jubilee Cake extravaganza on #anniversary channel on discord. We will be running events for dailies as well as


Guild Events

We have been making excellent progress in Veteran Cloudrest +0 Trial. Our latest attempt got us through the Welkynar and Gryphon side bosses and gave us several attempts at Zmaja. 

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