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re: Hel Ra Citadel


This your  friendly neighbourhood Morrigan with some helpful tips and mechanics.

We will need

2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 8 Damage Dealers 

It will be useful for this trial to have the following abilities - Damage Shields, Ranged Interrupts, Damage Mitigation. Roll Dodge cost reduction. Bash cost reduction

Anything that can help you survive more damage this trial is less about doing damage than taking it! If you want advice on specific abilities please ask in our #asylum-guild-chat on discord. VAMPIRE warning, this trial has a lot of fire think carefully about what stage you are at!

At one point in the trial you will be split into 2 groups ideally we want:

Left Group

Main Tank - there will be a lot of adds so crowd control is important

Main Healer - The boss moves a lot so will your group, don't use static ultimate and buffs help.

Melee and AoE damage dealers - Executes are going to help with the Welwa


Right Group

Off Tank - Interrupts or bashing with a gap closer helps. then any damage mitigation you can provide.

Off Healer - You will want an interrupt too but heals and shields are the most important thing.

Ranged damage dealers with interrupts in the right hand group.


Stage 1

STOP AT THE MID POINT OF THE BRIDGE - Otherwise you trigger the waves of mobs. What we will do is as a group run through the adds to the top of the stairs behind the pillar. Do not stop, do not try and resurrect anyone who dies. Self Heal and shield only. Healers heal as you run and Tanks try and taunt in the archers especially. 

Once the mobs are dead then we will resurrect before dealing with the next lot.

Stage 2 

There is a group of mobs to take out in front of the gate. Watch out for the Fire Mages as soon as they raise their hand in the air interrupt them!

As soon as they die the first boss will spawn so you need to be in position. Stand beside the wall between the main gate and the door facing the gate.

Stage 3 - Atronach Bosss

Main Tank - will taunt the boss at the gate facing the wall with it's back to the rest of the party

Off Tank - adds will spawn you will need to taunt them to one side of the boss within reach of the DDs but not too close to the boss.

Healers - will be with the Damage Dealers and throwing down AoE heals and damage mitigation.

Damage Dealers - you still need to interrupt the adds.

Watch out for "Whirlwinds" or "Gusts" if one is following you try to step just outside of the group and move in a little circle it will follow you for a while but you need to stay out of that circle.

Sword Throw - hopefully with the right positioning we dont have to worry about being hit by these but it's a good idea to block when he throws his weapons.

Spin 35% - The boss will keep spinning do not stand in range hopefully all the damage dealers do some range because you cannot stand near him while he is spinning, this goes for the tanks too. This is a good time for ultimate and executes.

Stage 4 - The Split

We usually split into separate channels for this bit.

The Left group will go through the gate which will close when 6 people enter.

The Right group will go through the door. 

Left Group

Will face burning AoE and Gargoyle stay out of those AoE. The Tank will taunt a single add away from the group DO NOT ATTACK IT until the door opens otherwise they will keep spawning. Eventually all the gates will open and you will face the Archer boss.

Archer Boss

Stay out of the Fire AoEs

This fight is a lot of pressure on your tank. The tank will taunt the welwa to one side away from the boss and the DDs will focus the boss until a Welwa enrages (They get huge and have a red sheen on them) at this point the tank will bring them closer. The DDs must kill the Enraged Welwa quickly or it will kill the Tank. Then return to the main boss. The longer the boss is alive the more Welwa that spawn. Use ultimate on the boss and the boss moves around so consider which ones you are using.

Once the gate opens you can move into the next room but wait by the horn do not engage the mobs and DO NOT open the chests until everybody is there.

Right Group

You will fight through mobs and need to pull levers opening the gates for the left group. You will meet the Fire Mage Boss.

Fire Mage Boss

Fire boss will split into 4 adds each with the same HP as the boss, but only 1 is the boss. You can tell as the copies take more damage. Once you know which copy is the boss attack that one BUT you need to be ready to interrupt them all as they do a nasty fireball attack. It's the same tell as before they will raise their hand in the air. The adds always spawn in the same place so each DD will be assigned an add to interrupt. Though which one the boss is changes. 


Anyone who has spent time in PVP knows what is looks like to have a meteor thrown at you a small AoE under your feet you can either roll dodge or block then move out of it. I recommend blocking it's easier than timing the roll dodge if you are not sued to it. If you do neither you will be stunned and burned to death OR burn through the healers magicka if you do survive it. The Tank is best to resurrect for this fight.

Ring of Fire

Get out of that AoE before the explosion goes off!

Once defeated you can jump down into the next room as with the other group...wait by the horn. do not engage the mobs and DO NOT open the chests until everybody is there.

Stage 5 - The horn!

For proper fun and punishment we will use the horn to call all the adds at once.

Tanks focus the gargoyles, DDs interrupt the fire mages. Healers use AoEs for all you are worth. We may just survive. Take out the Gargoyles last.

Stage 6 - The Final Boss

DO NOT attack the statues this will activate hard mode...this is bad.

When you enter the room it is in the rough shape of a cross. Stay out of the water and stick to the edge until we are all in position. We usually loot chests and heavy sacks round the edge before we start. 

We start in the Blue Circle which gives you a damage buff until the boss hits 70% HP then it disappears.

Main Tank - Taunt the Warrior close to the blue circle facing away from the group until 70% then take him to the central pedestal.

Off Tank - Taunt and group the adds that spawn

Healers - Stand either side of the water but close to the group.

Damage Dealers - Try to stick close together until the Boss Hits 35%.

Watch out for the following attacks

Shield Throw - You can see a long thin AoE roll dodge out of this to avoid the shield.

Jump - If the group is spread out (which it normally is :P) the boss will jump to the person furthest away. You will see a circle AoE roll dodge out of that.

Focus the adds when they spawn this is a good time for Ultimates - You may need to interrupt the Fire Mages and Block through the other adds AoE.

At 35%

Everyone needs to spread out and block the bosses attack, this attack also destroys any adds still around.

The boss will raise his sword into the air, when he does you need to spread out and use damage shields, heals and block. This can be a little tricky but don't spread out too far so the healers can help keep you alive.

Right after this attack the boss uses a cleave attack so stay clear of him even behind him this includes the tank.

The boss will also use a frontal cone attack so no one but the tank should be in front of the boss and even they want to move out of this.

This is the Execute phase so Ultimate and Execute because these attacks really hurt.


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