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re: May Update


Hello Reapers,

Things have just got busy for the run up to Elsweyr and some significant changes tot he guild you will need to check this page periodically for all the updates as I will be adding them a bit at a time so I can do all the changes as I announce them. I  am going to start with the biggest change.

Discord Voice and Text Server!

 The Server is up and ready to be used, this will be replacing Teamspeak, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger at the End of May. There are so many features that discord offers that we didn't have access to before I don't want to bog down the Update article So I will create a new thread, where I will have the link to our server and give some basic information about our Server. Here is the link to the new Discord thread

Reaper of the Month

We have chosen @Sal39 to be our Reaper of the Month. Sal is a great example of a reaper who makes that extra effort for his fellow guildies, need help with a world boss Sal jumps in. He hears that we are running an event to collect pet parts and even though he can't make the event himself he offered up his spares to help others out. You may not see Sal in many events or on our voice server but he is a fantastic Reaper so this is  a big thank you for all you do for our community. 

Additions to Discord 

Some of you may have noticed several posts linked from a site named " Nerds with Vaginas" this is the name of a facebook page not a description of the content. All the content that has been shared from that site is suitable for all reapers viewing (and IMO very funny). Due to the repetition in our main chat channel we have decided to create a separate channel called "do-re-meme" for comics jokes and memes. Furthermore wherever possible please link videos and images directly into discord rather than sharing external links.  

Rank Changes

We have had sad news, the god of wifi has laid a curse upon the house of Hagravens as such Tanwen is battling dutifully to gain dominion over the god, this effort is great and the task noble as such she does not have the time or energy to lead events until she has exorcised the curse.

We have also changed the way some of our ranks work including how to move from initiate to full Reaper, which you can read on our Guild Ranks thread

Character Background

By popular request we have enabled the features for sharing character information on the website these can be viewed and edited via the Guild Roster Tab or via your profile. We have put together a guide to help you "How to update your character info on the website" snazzy title yes?


We have added new forums to the website and have split some topics into these new forums, the new additions are:

We have split the events forum into a Groups & Events forum, groups are for member based groups that are by themselves for themselves, whether it is a one off helm run or a regular achievement grind it now belongs in the groups forum.

We have split guides into in game guides and website guides, the website guides have been moved to the guild information forum which is viewable by members only. The Guild Information forum is for guides and useful information regarding the guild (including any of the services we offer) so they are all in one place and separate from member discussion.

The Reapers Guild Leader 

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