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re: June Update


Reaper of the Month

Reapers look to Saturna as Junes Reaper of the month, though we seldom see her of an evening when she is online she jumps straight into the thick of things. Saturna knows the meaning of community to offer a helping hand when you ask her or chats like old friends when you can pick up a conversation where you had left off no matter how much time was between.

Rank Updates

You may have noticed we have had few events this month this is due mainly to real life obstacles for our Reapers Hands and Reapers Council. Grumble and Skay had computer and internet troubles which thankfully have been resolved and we have them back. Raiko is in the middle of an intense study time which is why he wont be running any events until the end of the month. 

Lord Ninka is no longer a Reapers Hand his schedule has made running events difficult but he is still as happy as ever to give advice to guild members especially regarding builds. 

Reaper Rank 

Firstly let me remind you that to attain Reaper Rank you now need to be an active member of the guild which includes talking either in game or on Discord and joining in groups and events when you can. With this in mind please welcome Crayox, Kellinmirial, DarthKraken, EnoughGeo and Nycteus to full Reaper Rank, it is a pleasure getting to know you all.

Chat Apps

As we announced from our last update we have now closed both WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, if you like to keep up with the Reapers while you are out and about or want the convenience of having Discord on your phone you can download the Discord App for free.


We have added two new polls to both Discord and the website.

1) Which zone would you like to quest through as part of a regular guild event?

This is to help in the planning of a revival of a guild event called the Reapers Journal, this event  is a simple laid back event where the group steadily works through all the zone quests and points of interest such as world bosses and dungeons. To add even more entertainment S'Abor reads out the quest dialogue to ensure no one inadvertently skips any of it for the whole group N.B. His accents are hilarious you can see some of our previous Reapers Journal Events on our Youtube Channel.

2) Would you like a channel to listen to music in?

This is because of a bot we recently added to our Discord server to use during our D&D ESO events for atmosphere. This poll is to decide whether we want to make this a wider feature of our server particularly one or two voice channels set aside for listening to music. If you have any questions about how the system might work please post on Discord or reply to this thread.


Recent video from Zos E3 presentation a great watch. Essentially what was said was a Dungeon DLC in August called Scalebreaker and a new zone DLC called Dragonhold due in November. More information will be coming from their Quakecon  presentation.

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