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re: Halls of Fabrication


This is a trial set found in Vvardenfell you will need to have the Morrowind Chapter to complete this trial.

Group Requirements


- 2 Tanks, 2 Healers and 8 Damage Dealers

- We will need at least 2 people to have a ranged interrupt such as Crushing Shock from the Destruction staff skill line.

- We will also need 2 damage dealers AND both of the healers to have Purge from the Alliance War Support skill line.

N.B. Obviously you do not HAVE to have these skills to complete the trial but it makes this a LOT easier if we do.


- 2 Tanks, 2 Healers and 8 Damage Dealers

- We will need at least 2 people to have a ranged interrupt such as Crushing Shock from the Destruction staff skill line.

- We will also want everyone to have a Purge from the Alliance War Support skill line.

N.B. Obviously you do not HAVE to have these skills to complete the trial but it makes this a LOT easier if we do.  


First Group of Mobs

Tanks will taunt the mobs and pull them to a specific point to group them together. Each tank will taunt the mobs on either side of the path.

Healers and DD's just run behind the tanks and the tanks group the mobs together nicely then BURN THEM ALL! *couch sorry about that.

Watch out for the Dwemer Spheres if you see and Orange glow on one it is charging an attack and needs to be interrupted.


First Boss - Buy one get one free on Robo Raptors

(Negatrix & Positrox - seriously that is their names)

1. One tank will pull one Boss onto the circle at the entrance of the room.

The rest of the group should be behind and either side of the boss. On each side of the boss should be a healer, an additional purger and an interrupter.

This group should

 - NOT stand between the 2 bosses

- interrupt their boss if it jumps on the tank

- NOT stand in the pool of lightning (not even the tank)

Tank Tip! Stand in a corner of the door when the pool of lightning spawns move to the other corner so you have space to stand.

2. The other tank will pull the other boss into the centre of the room, it is your job to keep the beam between the bosses broken.

        N.B. As you may be out of range of the Healers and other purgers at times you may wish to slot your own Purge ability.

The 2 interrupters will help the other tank control the dwemer spheres that spawn as soon as one glows orange it needs to be interrupted.

They will also need to interrupt the boss if it pounces on the tank.

3. Boss HP reaches 20% you must stop attacking while the tanks exchange bosses. Then repeat on the second boss.

Once the second boss is at 20% burn it down with executes and immediately burn down the other boss.


Second Boss - Beam me Up!

(Pinnacle Factotum)

This happens almost immediately after the first boss so loot your chest quickly.

One tank takes the boss the other tank takes the centurions when they spawn and brings them into the boss.

It is a good idea to save your ultimate for when the centurions spawn.

Focus the conduits as soon as they spawn.

Occasionally the boss will disappear into 4 shades avoid the shades they do a lot of damage. The tank has to face each shade and block their shock wave.


During the Shade phase, the tank stands still on a green area.

The centurion the second tank must stand near to prevent it from spinning.

Another centurion runs around the room with charged arms either avoid the aoe OR designate a dd to kite it (needs a taunt) it will run out of juice and deactivate no need to attack it.

The Up phase

4 DD go to a separate platform (we will assign when the fight starts)

N.B. Entrance is South, Opposite North, East is right as you come in and West is left as you come in through the entrance

You are beamed up to an upper platform. Step off the disk you are now standing on it reopens and you can fall through.

Attack the sphere in front of you when yours is dead help your neighbour. Once all 4 are dead press the switches at the same time then QUICKLY jump back out the hole.


When you are on the upper platform, one person will have a beam which must be kited around all the spheres to break their damage shields.

 Third Boss - Clanky wanky spider

 (Archcustodian - A Giant dwemer spider)

The whole group goes LEFT! kill the mobs as you go. There are spinning blades as you go through avoid them as best you can if you stack on octagon its easier for the healers.Eventually you will meet the boss.

One Tank will taunt the boss and will walk back the way you have just come. STAY BEHIND THE TANK. The boss' damage shield will kill you.

When you reach a point where there are 2 conductors and a switch, the taunting tank will activate the switch so it activates as the spider steps into that space.

You cannot damage the spider until it is stunned by the beam. When the spider has collapsed attack until it gets back up then run! and repeat.

Kill the spider before you run out of walkway.

 The other tank should taunt any mobs that spawn and those should be taken out as you back up to the next spot.


Kill all the mobs on the path before you engage the boss (send a tank right pull them in)

If you move too far away from the spider boss it will spit lightning at you.

Stack on the fast spinning blade track you will take less damage in total.

Keep the adds away from the boss while it has it's damage shield on as they will get a damage shield too. Once the boss is stunned bring them in and burn them down.

After each stun the boss will move faster.

 Junkyard Boss *cries into hands*

(Reclaimer, Reactor & Reducer)

1. Do not stand near the edges or the door way mechanical hands will kill you. Split into 2 Teams Left and Right.

2. Reclaimer is the boss in the middle he will not move. Periodically he will summon bombers at the edge of the room which walk slowly towards him kill these quickly. If they reach the Reclaimer BLOCK! this will stop you being knocked back and reduce the damage these things hurt. I don't think you can stun or immobilise them.

Tip! If you place AoEs on the Reclaimer these will kill the bombers before they reach it.

VeteranReclaimer puts a damage shield around itself which one shots. Drain Shots a ground based AoE you need to BLOCK or it stuns and drains all your magicka.

3. Reducer is the fire boss. It releases 3 fireballs which bounce around, healers should purge the Fire DoT.

4. Reactor releases and AoE which turns into the mechanical hands AVOID! these AoEs.

When your boss reaches 72%, 42% and 22% Health start attacking the reclaimer from range. When the Reclaimer is at 72, 42 or 22% bring the 2 bosses into the middle (so they are connected by a beam) and burn them down to 69% 39% and 19% this will stun the bosses. A thorough kicking then ensues. 

Once the bosses are back up bring them back to their sides.

Veteran - When the Reducer and the Reactor begin bubbling the tanks will need to taunt the other boss.

Execute Phase After the 19% Stun the tank will pull the other bosses away and the DD must burn the Reclaimer first as this prevents the bombers from charging. During this execute phase static bombers appear around the edge of the room these explode if you go near them so keep your distance.

Then burn down the other 2 bosses. 


The static bombers will spawn closer and closer to the Reclaimer leaving you less room to move.

Tip! there are a few safe spots where they do not overlap.

19% You MUST kill one boss at at time as if they drop below 15% they get a connecting beam enrage and kill you. 

Final Boss - Do the shuffle

(Assembly General)

Tank on the floor in front of the Boss. The tank should stand in front of the boss's toe on the flame thrower side. Do not stand at an angle if you are knocked back into a wall you die. If you are knocked back run or use a gap close to get back to the boss fast or he will jump if he jumps too often we all die.

A Single sturdy DD (damage shields or heals) should stand on the platform on the side of his spinning blade and attack the boss. Try to stay out of the bosses range and in the Healers Range.

The rest of the party should be on the platform on the bosses other side (Flame thrower arm). The other tank needs use a ranged taunt to gather adds from both platforms stop fighting the boss and attack the adds. 

Do Not go behind the boss!

Veteran - Facsimiles will spawn if Players die and are approximate copies of the players be careful of the Magicka Sorcerer. These should be Tanked to die in the AoE.

Recharge Phase

85% 65% 45% the boss will move into the middle of the room. Jump off the platform into the central paths. Stay on the tracks there is poison everywhere else. In each alcove there is a sphere these must be killed quickly. The other tank should pull any adds still alive to these spheres so they can be AoE down. 

We usually leave the main tank to Resurrect any players at this stage.

You need to kill at least 2 spheres during this phase but the more the better.

When the Boss stands up again he will move to a new alcove the group needs to get back to their positions on the platforms either side of the boss quickly.

Veteran - Do not attack the boss during the Recharge phase as he will hit you with shock flares.

Execute Phase

25 % Health The boss heads back into the middle and shoots off meteors. Jump down to the centre and spread out around him. (We will work out positioning before this fight)

Close enough for the Healer no to close for the meteors.

Tip! Build up your ultimate for this bit as you will want to take him down as fast as you can execute abilities are also useful.

Hard mode

More adds, more facsimiles and more health that's about it.


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