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re: August Update


Welcome to August guildarinos! 

Behold our monthly updates for your guild and ESO information needs! *Tiny Morrigans applaud Giant Morrigan*

Reaper News

Reaper of the Month

This month it was easy for us to recommend xadda as our Reaper of the month. We love your enthusiasm for any content, including Veteran Trials when you have barely reached CP levels or only just completed the normal version earlier that evening. It is delightful and refreshing that you are happy to just give it a go, we hope more new guild members are willing to try their hands at daunting content and enjoy the experience as you do!

Extended AFK and Reapers Initiates

We had our monthly kicking or new or inactive members. This is a reminder to everyone *crickets* that if you are going to be away from game for over a month please let us know leave a message on the website or discord and we are happy to hold your spot and welcome you back on your return. 

As for inactivity this includes more than just logging on, this includes grouping with guild members, joining in events as well as chatting in guild chat or Discord. If you are not doing any of these there you will get removed from the guild.

*Speech over Morrigan gazes out over the empty guild hall

Rank Up

We are pleased to count xadda, Radlum, Njels and Hyugga_Lee  as full Reapers for their participation in guild groups and events. Their access to the guild bank and crafting services is well earned.


Keep an eye out for new videos on our Youtube channel, with new tour guides of both our guild hall and crafting hall. The Guild hall has a new transmutation station and the crafting hall now has ALL the set crafting stations. *Mini Morrigans clad themselves in Aprons and chefs hats wave at Morgana in the Craft Hall*

We also have a new video series beginning showing off guild members beautiful homes starting with @Radlums Alinor town House which is beautiful to behold. If you  would like to have your house featured please contact @Kazzari who is our lead house decorator extraordinaire, and you will need to confirm that you are happy to have your house featured on our social media pages and our youtube channel.

Lottery and the Guild Trader

We have been running a 2 weeks long lottery trying to build up funds for our guild trader ready for the multi-bidding feature to improve our chances at hiring a guild trader. Many guild members I know have specialist trading guilds and do not need the additional trading guild. Our weekly bid costs 500k per guild trader and we have only raised about 200k. If you would like the Reapers to have a guild trader (which gives you an additional 30 slot to sell from) then please buy your tickets for the lottery or deposit your donations in the Reapers Guild Bank.

Elder Scrolls News

Scalebreaker DLC 

Release Monday 12th August

You will need either ESO+ or buy the Dungeon DLC for crowns to have access to the dungeons but the base game patch is available for everyone. I have included some of the events we will be running with the release of the DLC *Morrigan pulls out a fishing rod and baits it for guild members*

Scalebreaker Dungeons both Normal and Veteran.

Imperial City Dailies for the merits.

Battleground Flag games including Chaosball and Relics to get the runners costume.

Orsinium Event

Thursday 8th  - Monday 19th August

 Details have yet to be released except for the dates.

The Reapers Guild Leader 

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