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re: Reapers Update


Greetings all

I thought I would update you all on what is happening with the guild. As some of you know I (Morrigan) have been ill and S'Abor has been taking good care of me unfortunately this means no events have been run for some time. Our absence and the server instability have left things rather quiet in guild.

I am sorry to tell you that we will not be running any group events until the New Year I am still recovering and with Christmas coming up what energy I have will be going into that this will include our D&D group.

Here is the good news ...ish

We are hoping to enjoy the Dragonguard event starting Tuesday when we are online we will happily group with you Dragon Hunting or Public Dungeons just ask in guild chat and we will hang out as long as we are on.

Our main focus has always been community and with all the changes that have been happening that has slipped away some so during December We will be running some Community Just for Fun events, these are easy for us to run and maintain and we have a lot of fun so we hope you will join in in true Reaper fashion.

Some events for you to look forward to are:

Do you want to build a snowman competition?

12 Days of New Life carol

Breda's Magnificent Mead Muddle

These will of course come with prizes for those who take part and the winners of competitions!


I want to finish by saying the Community that is you guys make the guild, all content can be fun (even the stuff you hate) when you have a good people to group with. Even endless loading screens and crashes are easier to deal with you have friends who care or you can rant to. If this in the kind of guild you want you need to give and what better time to start than with the upcoming New Live Festival.

Things you can do :

-Say Hello and Goodbye it seems simple but it makes a hugs difference to a community like ours

-Answer questions you may not be a social sort or you don't fancy grouping today and that is fine we understand answering those who ask means alot a simple "not today, thanks" or "not my cup of tea" and the always handy "Not Really but if you need me I will come along"

- Give a little time ok this one is a bit vague but seriously take 5 minutes for some one else travel to a wayshrine so someone can unlock it, send over a pumpkin or a few worms out of the 1000's you have in your craft bag, if you aren't feeling generous let them know where they can find them for themselves it only takes a moment to make someones day.

-Like selling on the guild trader with the Reapers deposit some gold in the guild bank

-You can run and arrange your own groups every member of Reaper Rank and above can add events to our events calendar or use the answer the call channel in Discord.

-Finally the best thing you can do to help support our community is join us on Discord you don't event have to use Voice Chat but you can send messages, answer polls and get to know other Reapers


May you have Keen Eyes and Sharp Scythes


The Reapers Guild Leader 

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