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re: Useful Addons



First off, AddOns seem to divide the community a bit like marmite – it’s a love/hate thing. However, in my view one of the great advantages we have over those scrubs playing ESO on consoles is the ability to use AddOns.

I still think back to when I first started playing ESO (just before Summerset launched) and there was me riding around Vvardenfel with a hardcopy map showing the skyshard locations next to my PC! Then I started doing crafting writs manually on several characters – life is just too short to put yourself through that pain, when AddOns can take it all (well most of it away).

Secondly, if you’re going to install more than a couple of AddOns (and you will…) don’t try and do it manually let Minion install and update them for you. Also, don’t forget to install any libraries required by your chosen AddOns (check their descriptions to see which Libs are needed).

Now there are hundreds (thousands?) of AddOns to choose from, so where do you start? To give you some ideas, the list below has the AddOns I’m currently using. The list does change/evolve overtime as: ZOS breaks things, AddOn authors abandon their work or add new functionality to an existing AddOn. 

Bandits User Interface is currently the best UI overhaul mod available (IMHO!). It has so many great features that improve your ESO experience: better attribute bars, target frames, various QoL automations, etc. etc. 

Wykkyd Toolbar provides an information bar with on-screen display of useful, configurable, "tools". Currently includes: Alliance Points, Gold, Bag Space, Soul Gems, Mount Training Timer, Research Timers, Time (real world), Level, Experience (xp/cp), Experience Bar, Werewolf / Vampire experience bar, Character Name, Class, Race (If you choose to display them all, you’ll need a very high res screen as the toolbar will be on the long side!)


Votan's Minimap adds an awesome minimap! Includes the ability to display a clock showing both your time and the current time in Tamriel. (I use this instead of the Bandit UI minimap). For those wanting a more powerful minimap, which will allow you to look at things like a character’s max speed try the MiniMap by Fyrakin.


Map Pins adds a ton of options to the filter section of you map. Helps you track down achievements and useful locations across all of Tamriel.


Votan's Improved Locations breaks the list of destination zones in the map up by Alliance (and an ever expanding Other). Can choose to have the zones sorted by “story order” with your alliance first if desired.


Assist Rapid Riding - Rapid Manoeuvres from the Assault skill line is an incredibly handy skill but not much use in a fight because it takes up a valuable skill slot. This add-on auto slots Rapids (or its morphs) on your skill bar every time you mount up and removes it again when you dismount. Extremely handy for that extra speed boost when out questing or gathering.


AlphaGear2 quickly swap between different gear and skill loads outs, e.g. PvE & PvP, Tanking/Healing & DPS, Bosses and Trash Mobs, etc. 


Static's Quickslot Profiles quickly change your quickslot loadout between PvE and PvP say.


Auto Recharge Never have to manually recharge your weapons or repair you armour again.


Harven's Improved Skills Window brings some nice changes to to your skills menu. Once you have unlocked a skill with a skill point you just need to hover the mouse over the skill icon and it shows you the current skill info and both morphs that will be available. Once you have morphed the skill it will still show you the stats from the alternative morph as well as the morph you chose. It also gives detailed information of how much xp is required to level each skill.


Harven's AS to LAM adapter without this AddOn you will likely end up with at least two “AddOns Seetings” options on your menu. This collapses them all into one, apart from Bandits UI, which will still have its own entry.


Another AddOn to help you manage the settings menu. Harven's Addon Settings


WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts) helps you track daily and weekly tasks, as well as other useful information, across all your characters. Tracks random dailies, trials, crafting levels and so much more.


Untaunted is a great addon for tanks and probably the best named add-on of all time. It adds a list of taunted enemies to your screen and counts down to when your taunt expires.


Bounds Armaments and Grim Focus Counter help your StamSorcs and NBs keep track of when these skills are ready to proc. Yes I know Bandits does now have counters for both these skills as well but I prefer the additional reminders right by the reticle.


Kill Counter – I admit, I mainly use this for the auto accept functionality when the Cyrodiil queue pops but it also has a wealth of data available for more serious PvPers (e.g. Kill Streaks, No. of Kills, No. of Deaths, etc.).


Have zone chat turned on and fed up with spam you can’t read? Partly ZOS’s fault for not implementing more language specific zone chats but half the time people are too lazy (or selfish) to use those channels even where they do exist. Cyrillic Chat Filter (Revived) filters out any letters not used for the Latin-Alphabet and most symbols not used in the West for a less annoying experience.


CraftStore tracks traits, styles, recipes and patterns known on some or all of your chars. However, it isn’t just for hardcore crafters, the cooking and glyph bits (the AddOn replaces the standard ZOS windows if you want it to) are useful for everyone. No need to remember which combo of runes does what, just select from the handy list of types (e.g Armour: Glyph of Stamina), pick the level and quality and it does the rest.


Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting) who can be arsed to remember which combo of ingredients gives a particular potion, much easier to just click the desired (and undesired) traits and have the AddOn show you the options available.


Crafted Potions This addon sets the Quality level of Crafted potions and poisons:

Normal = They're not crafted

Green = They're crafted and got 1 bonus

Blue = They're crafted and got 2 bonuses

Purple = They're crafted and got 3 bonuses


Votan's Rune Tooltips  adds the following information to the tool-tips of runestones:

For potency runes the level of the resulting glyph

For essence runes the type of the resulting glyph, respectively the types of the positive and negative power


Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter Complete your daily crafting writs with total ease! With this add-on installed you simply walk up to each station and it auto crafts what you need to complete your writ. It also automatically retrieves any items you need from your bank/craft bag including pre-made potions etc


Daily Alchemy auto crafts potions and poison for writs.


Daily Provisioning auto crafts food and drink for writs.


Writ Worthy is great for auto crafting your master writs.


Roomba – Guildbank Stacker “does what it say on the tin”, a godsend if you need/want to keep a guild bank tidy.


AwesomeGuildStore even with the huge improvements that ZOS finally incorporated into the base games functionality with regard to the Guild Store interface, AGS adds a plethora of further options to help you narrow down your search and allows you to save searches that you make regularly.


Tamriel Trade Centre and Master Merchant both help you work out how much the going rate is for an item. NB they work on different data sets so may give quite different answers!


TTC’s analysis is based on all the listed prices that are uploaded to their website. So not everything gets captured but on EU & NA PC/Mac servers at least lots of info does, as they’ve also produced a little background helper app (PC only) that automates the upload of any data. However, note their analysis is based on listed prices - just because it’s listed doesn’t mean it’s selling at that price. Their website is also handy for tracking down which traders have the item you’re looking for.


MM works on actual sales but only takes data from the guilds you belong to.  So, unless you are part of one (or more) large trading guilds the prices you see may not be representative due to lack of data.


Some people do use both AddOns but most of us pick one or the other I think and just go with that.


Essential Housing Tools and Port to Friend's House will both allow you to teleport to any house other players have given you access to, not just their primary residence. So, for example either will allow you to visit the Guild Crafting Hall as well as the main Guild Hall (both owned by S’Abor). EHT also does a ton more and is worth checking out if you’re at all interested in decorating your own houses.


Votan's Keybinder ZOS has set the game up so that your key bindings are per character, which sort of makes sense, e.g. only a class with pets would be interested in a keybind to quickly dismiss their pet(s) but human memory being what it is, for most of us, it’s just much easier to use the same key binds on all characters, this AddOn allows this.


Votan's Fisherman and Votan's Fish Fillet – the first AddOn tracks the type of bait used at a specific spot to save you selecting it each time and also adds a nice “Reel-in” notification to the screen to make fishing easier. Having successfully caught a large stack of fish, you need to fillet it to get those Perfect Roes – filleting a stack of several hundred manually is a pain as you have to click for each fish, VFF automates this for you (Bandit’s UI is supposed to have this built in I think but it didn’t work for me). Finally, for all you budding Master Anglers out there Rare Fish Tracker will help you work out which rare fish you still need in each zone.


Only of use during the Witches Festival (and less necessary now the timer for the gold skulls resets at the standard 6am GMT rather than 20 hours after you last looted a gold skull of that type) Plunder Skull Timer enables you to see which of the special skulls you still need that day and how many minutes it’s been since the last skull (of any type) was looted (there is still a 3 minute timer on skulls in Public Dungeons at least).


Make your dragon hunting more efficient, no more (or at least less) arriving just after the beast has been slain, install World Event Alert (aka Dragon Alert) and Dragon Tracker before venturing Elsweyr.


Dustman Inventory management can be a real pain in ESO. Lighten the load somewhat by auto-marking items as “junk” based on criteria you set for easy selling.


Some people are natural “lock-pickers”, for the rest of us, there’s FCO Lockpicker.


Keep forgetting to use your Ulti? Try FCO Ultimate Reminder.


Furniture Catalogue Want to know what furniture recipes exist in game and how to make them?


Don’t want to miss out on that key piece of loot to complete your set or just like spying on the rest of your party? Group Loot Notifier


Mer Character Sheet allows you to reorder the different sections of the Character Sheet and adds sections to help track research and riding timers.


LovelyEmotes provides quick and easy access to emotes. (For mouse/keyboard users).


Personal Assistant allows you to set up keybindings to summon/dismiss your banker and merchant.


Add additional on-screen health bars to keep track of you summons’ health with Pet Health


Running out of skill points? Urich's Skill Point Finder will help you quickly track down which ones you have or haven’t got on a particular character, whether they’re from a public dungeon group event, a zone’s story quests, skyshards, a dungeon quest, etc.


Votan's Addon List helps you manage your AddOns: see which are out of date, etc.


Idle Animations As in any MMO you will spend a fair bit of time waiting around, so why not entertain your fellow players with a stylish set of emotes while doing so!


From the initial dialog window that pops up when you log in, to various NPC and event announcements you’re continually bombarded with announcements while playing ESO. No, thank you! allows you to tame the spam and only see the ones you want.

Some (many)? AddOn authors thought it would be amusing to include undocumented functionality into their AddOns to give themselves (and their friends) custom titles not available to the masses. Whether this is harmless fun on bad coding practice is up to you to decide but Disable Custom Titles will deactivate this “functionality” without you having to manually go through every AddOn’s files and delete the LibCustomTitles library.


@Dawnsong Nov 2019


P.S. Props to Grumble for the original article on the Reapers’ forums that sparked this list.

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