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re: More Updates



I will try to keep this brief as we will be having the New Life Festival announcements in just 2 days !


2020 Chapter

So lets start with the exciting one we have had a taste if what is to come in ESO next year and have created a new discord channel for it  called #skyrim-dark-heart please keep your discussions, speculations links hopes and dreams for the upcoming chapter there for those who want to keep it as much as a surprise for themselves. On the 16th January 2020 there will be the full announcement on what is to come, we will hope to enjoy the viewing as a guild on Discord, we will announce the exact time when it is released. 

N.B. We have created both an event on our events Calendar and created a Countdown timer on our Homepage!


Making the most of Loading Screens

Thanks to the many many MANY book recommendations I have been given from guild members and just how much I have enjoyed them we have created a #lore-books channel. Share your favourite books with the guild you can share just a title and an author or expand on just why a guildie might enjoy this book. And if you have read a book that someone else has suggested join in expand their description or just add your favourite heart eyes emoji.


*Sings* VOTE ON THINGS!!!!

Two days until the new life festival and I hope you have enjoyed our selections for the 12 days of New Life carol, now we need you to vote on which of the options you think works best for our version. To add even more fun  @Stubbsy48 will be performing the complete carol based on the selections the guild has voted for. Polls close in 2 Days so visit the #polls-say-aye discord channel. 



I should also mention the dungeon and dragons group we have running and are due to start or return in January. We currently have a 4th edition campaign based in Tamriel with characters at level 6 currently in the town of Arenthia a great time for new players to join the group. If you would like to join us take a look through the 4E Players Handbook 1 (only 1) and choose/create a character if you get stuck or need some help just ask in the #dungeons-and-dragons discord channel we are happy to help.

Ninka is also planning to run a short 5th Edition campaign see the D&D threads for full details.

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