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re: February Update


Greetings all,

As we all know we had a few quiet months hopefully things are waking back up now with a fantastic new chapter to look forward to so let e fill you in on what you missed and catch you on things you might not know.


With a quiet guild we had to stop running trials as most require the full contingent of 12 players, however this was always a popular event so we hope to gradually reintroduce Trial Thursdays so when Greymoor hits we are ready to Kick Kyne's Aegis in the butt. So here are some things you might not know or remember about doing Trials with the Reapers.

  • Please sign up, so we know we have a team, to secure your spot in the group AND please sign up with hat roles you can play and in what order your prefer e.g. I can play all roles but I prefer DD then Tank then Healer. We usually assign roles on a first come first served basis but may make adjustments so members can try out new builds/ characters etc.
  • Don't be afraid to try! no experience? low level? crap gear? all fine we all have to learn, level and get the gear. We will try and help prepare you if you ask.
  • We do NOT rush! The tank starts the fight, only when the group is all here and ready to go. And yes we do explain the tactics, even on normal even if we have all done the trial before sometimes we forget things so it's best to repeat.
  • Speaking of repeating and Tactics - if we have forgotten a mechanic , let us know when we have finished talking. You have an alternative tactic let us know privately preferably before or after the trial to use next time, and finally please do not back seat drive having multiple people explain the same thing over and over is annoying and confusing. So just relax and leave it to us!
  • We share - If you are after some specific gear feel free to let us know at the beginning of the trial, otherwise we tend to link any pieces we do NOT want in chat at the end any of which we will give for free or trade if it's something unlimited like a chapter. Again usually whoever replies first gets the item.
  • Let us know what Trials you want to do whether for gear or achievements we will try and accommodate you. 
  • Veteran Trials - generally we love running vet trials, we like the challenge and the teamwork it takes. We have managed a few but no Hard Modes yet, unfortunately we struggle to get 12 people interested regularly to do it. If we start getting a regular Vet group we would happily start running Vet Trials again.


Discord Ranking System

This January we began our new Activity Ranking System using a Bot on Discord, overall it has worked as we hoped to encourage members to spend more time together. I am happy to announce that as of today we have 12 members who have ranked up and many more who have earned levels working their way to the next rank. Here are a few things about the new system you may not have realised..

  • You can give each other XP by upvoting each other ar!up @name once every 12 hours (N.B. this bit can be a bit buggy and ma take a few attempts before it registers your votes)
  • You can earn bonus XP, this is usually for joining in events, helping other guild members or chatting significantly in game guild chat.
    •  N.B. bonus XP is at the councils discretion, if you feel someone has been particularly helpful or sociable in game please send us a message.
  • You won't earn XP for spamming chat or sitting in the channel Deafened or Muted
  • This is the MOST important point we cannot monitor your Rank unless you sign up to our Discord Channel, you do not have to type there, you do not have to alk and you certainly do not have to have your notifications turned on if you do not want to. Unless you are on Discord we cannot assign you any bonus XP you may earn from your activity in game which means you won't ever Rank up.
  • For member who have been with us a long time I thought I would mention that you will no longer be kicked from the guild if you remain an initiate. We will only kick guild members for unacceptable behaviour as per our About Us.

Other Events

We will be adding other events to the calendar for later in the month once the dates of the dungeon DLC Harrowstorm is announced as well as the Murkmire Celebration Event both of which we will run events for. As the dates of these are unknown we may need to reschedule some events because of the large re-patch taking place with the Harrowstorm DLC. 

We will also be running our regular Dungeons and Dragons Tamriel group; D&D Soul Harvest, for details on how to create a character and join in see our "ESO Online D&D ish" Thread and contact either Morrigan or S'Abor. If you are D&D curious or just want to hear S'Abor's voice acting then feel free to sit in but we do ask that during the session you keep you mic muted and type in the other channels rather than interrupting the flow of the #dungeons-and-dragons channel as we use this for our dice rolls etc.

If you like D&D but the Tamriellic conversion makes your brain hurt or you would just like to have a go then sign up for our one shot games currently being prepared. We have a standard D&D 4th Edition one shot run by Skay see the #skays-one-shot channel for details. If you prefer 5th Edition sign up for Nevar's one shot see #nevars-april-one-shot channel for details. All experience welcome at our "table", need help just ask in the dungeons and dragons channel.


You may have noticed our very exciting countdown timer for the Greymoor Chapter, where we will discover the Dark Heart of Skyrim. We have also created a channel just for discussion, speculation and discovery on the chapter so we don't spoil the surprise for others who don't want to know yet. For those of you who are interested I want to inform you that if you pre-purchase any edition of Greymoor you will get access to all previous Chapters if you don't already have them. 



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