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re: Anniversary Event


This is a great time to get the guild together and earn

Double XP.

Anniversary Loot Boxes - with Transmutation Crystals, Motifs, Style Pages and Crafting Materials.

Event Tickets - 3x for Eating the Cake (once per day) 2x for Defeating a Boss (any)

Spending Event Tickets

You have 2 Ice Indrik Berries to buy from this event so make sure you don't miss them with all the tickets on offer. Usual 10 tickets each

You can also buy Furnishing versions of the Jubilee cakes for each year you have completed it to have in your homes these are 3 tickets each. 

Anniversary Event Veteran Tips

I have played all the Anniversary Events so here are some Tips to help you

- The easiest way to earn Loot Boxes is Daily Crafting Writs which you can do on ALL your characters

- The Gold Style Pages are pretty common drops so don't be afraid to ask for spares 

- Motif prices drop fast during this event so best to save them to sell once the event is over or trade with other guild members to complete your own collections. We have created a new discord channel #motif-exchange for this purpose.

Daily Dailies

7pm - 8pm BST (GMT+1) Everyday we will be running a some Daily Quests either World Boss and Delve in the zones, Guild Quests or Cyrodiil town Quests see the Event Calendar for specifics. We are happy for anyone to join us whether on Discord or not. There may be some DLC or Chapter Requirements. And Events in Cyrodiil will be limited to characters of level 10 + and Aldmeri Dominion 

Daily Random Normal Dungeons

8pm BST (GMT+1) Everyday we will run 1 Random Normal Dungeon to get you that sweet double XP make sure you double down by using an experience scroll or potion as well and watch those new characters blossom with the bonus random dungeon xp and the quest as well. 

Let us know in #Surreal-crafting-hall if you need Psjiic Ambrosia potions for xp, you need to provide the Perfect Roe and we will craft you the 4 Psjiic Ambrosias for free!

Guild Bank

As per our new Ranking System we introduced in January all Guild Members can deposit in Guild Bank. To Withdraw from the Guild Bank yourself you must be Novice Rank. If you cannot withdraw yourself you can request someone of the required rank to withdraw for you via mail or on Discord.

Now you may be wondering how to attain Novice Rank

It's simple, Join our discord server and join in with the guild. 

1. Talk in our Voice Channels (Sitting on Mute doesn't work...)

2.Message in our Chat Channels (Do NOT Spam, that doesn't work either)

- To Begin with you will only be able to post pictures and memes in specific channels such as Real Life Pics or Screenshots

3. Join in our Events

4. Up vote each other once every 12 hours you can upvote another guild member by typing ar!up @name a list will pop once you start typing in #maiq-and-friends channel. This si a great way to say thank you or show your appreciation to someone.

5. Finally you can talk in guild chat we try to award xp for those active in guild chat this only works if we are around to see it and if you are on discord. 

For more information about the new ranks see our Post about it on the website.

The Reapers Guild Leader 

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