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re: normal Cloudrest +3


Here are some mechanics and helpful hints for completing the Trial.

A really useful start is the Addon Raid Notifier This will tell you when certain Mechanics Happen.

We need 2-3 Tanks, 2 Healers and 7-8 Damage Dealers.

A couple of Build Tips - try to have atleast 18-20k Health, Test yourself against a Target Dummy in the Guild Hall and try to aim for 20k DPS. These are NOT requirements to join us  just things that might help you.

Mechanics in order of Priority

  1. Voltaic Overload - You see your weapons to spark with lightning, a large dark blue circle surrounds you SWAP your WEAPONS for 10 seconds and DO not swap back until it's finished.
    1. Tip! If you have a back bar for buffs you can switch to your second bar just before the effect happens then you can switch to your main bar while the timer counts down. 
  2. Spears - Run towards the golden glowing shards and press your synergy key.
  3. Portal - When the Portal spawns let the Downstairs Tank enter first wait for "I'm IN or Down" then the 3 chosen DDs follow
    1. Once downstairs - You need to destroy Crystals until they reveal orbs
    2. You need to run the orbs to the spears 
    3. Tip! Try to throw down some Crowd Control such as chains or immobilise on the adds to prevent them entering the Portal.
  4. Creepers/Tentacles - These need to be taken down quickly or you will be wrapped in vines and take alot of damage.
    1. Tip! You can roll dodge out of the vines, so try to manage your stamina.
  5. Hoarfrost - This is a light blue circle that moves around with an icy whirlwind that shoots ice balls. You need to RUN into the circle when the synergy prompts you drop the "Hoarfrost". Someone else will need to pick this up until it's dropped for the 3rd time. This does ALOT of damage.
    1. Tip! - Try to drop the Hoarfrost on top of someone else or towards the edge not in the centre where the portal spawns.
  6. Roaring Flare - A single person will start burning, an expanding circle will appear  beneath their feet. Atleast 2 people need to stand next to the person to share the damage or they won't survive
    1. Tip! - STAND STILL let people come to you unless you are on the other side of the room.
  7. Beam - If a beam connected to a Purple circle begins following you move away from the group and keep moving until it's gone.
  8. Side Boss -  Try to focus the side bosses between portals, either the Main Tank or the side off tank with take and control this target. When they reach ) Health they will be chained to the ground.
    1. Siroria - When Zmaja reaches 75% Health, 
    2. Relequen - When Zmaja reaches 50% Health needs interruption regularly when using chain lightning.
    3. Galanwe - When Zmaja reaches 25% Health
    4. Tip! Try to hold off attacking Zmaja whilst the portals are up or team mates are dead sso you do not summon a side boss. Do not try to burn down Zmaja
  9. Balls/Orbs - Destroy the Purple balls  from range or they explode and do damage
  10. Tail - Always Stand on Zmaja Tail stand behind her when you attack her,
    1. Tip! Wait until Zmaja move to drop your ultimates on her head you can see where she will spawn by a light purple pool spawning around the edge of the room
  11. Shadow - When Zmaja reaches 0 Health a shade of Zmaja appears must be killed too, stack on her tail so thehealers can keep you up unless there is a Creeper to take out. If you see the Shade before Zmaja hits 0 Health it's a wipe you will all die and have to start again.

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