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re: Stonethorn DLC Patch note summary



*Deep Breath* I am so excited for this feature pets, mounts and assitants can move around a plotted path you decide movement speed, length of pauses can keep the same path and just change the target. You can even decided whether they pace or loop the path so many options.And you do not need ESO Plus of the DLc dungeons. N.B. You may need to set a Keybind to use this feature.

New Furnishing Plans

Do dailies in Solitude for new Furnishing patterns AND you can buy new patterns with your Writ Vouchers from Rollis! Look out for the Blackreach Geode and Vampire Chandelier...that's for you boots.

Also the Luxury furnisher now has his own stall near Cicero tavern!


We have a new Motif the Sea Giant! It seems we need to make more runs of the normal Kynes Aegis Trial.

Concept Art - The Elder Scrolls Online


Woot no more attacks whilst excavating does that mean we won't get the wonky bug anymore?..We shall see...


There are not many significant changes to skill potency but a lot of fixes to make sure they are working when they should. One note I think will appeal to anyone with a Stamina Character is Vigor (The Stamina Heal) is being moved to the first skill in the line so doing the intro quest in cyrodiil should be enough to unlock it now! No more Vigor grind...Cyrodiil will be quiet until people want to grind Rapid Maneouvre for super fast harvesting.

Trait Adjustments

Armor Traits

  • Divines: Increased the bonus to Mundus Stones to 9.1%, up from 7.5%.
  • Impenetrable: Reduced the Critical Resistance granted to 127, down from 172.
  • Infused: Increased the enchantment potency bonus to 25%, up from 20%.
  • Invigorating: Increased the Recovery bonuses granted to 16, up from 11.
  • Nirnhoned: Decreased the Armor granted to 253, down from 301.
  • Well-Fitted: Increased the cost reduction granted to 6%, up from 5%.

Weapon Traits

  • Decisive: Increased the chance for this trait to proc to 27.5/55%, up from 20/40%.
  • Defending and Sharpened: Increased the amount of Armor/Armor Penetration granted to 1638/3276, up from 1376/2752.
  • Precise: Increased the Critical Chance granted from this trait to 4.3/8.6%, up from 3.5/7%.


Jewelry Traits

  • Arcane/Robust: Increased the maximum resource granted to 877, up from 870.
  • Bloodthirsty: This trait now grants up to 350 Weapon and Spell Damage against targets under 90% Health, scaling linearly per 1% missing Health, rather than granting a flat 10% damage increase against targets under 25% Health.
  • Harmony: Reduced the synergy effectiveness bonus to 20%, down from 35%.
  • Health: Increased the Max Health granted to 965, up from 957.
  • Swift: Increased the movement speed granted to 7%, up from 6%.
  • Triune: Increased the Max Magicka and Stamina granted to 439 and Max Health to 482, up from 435 and 478.

Mundus Stone adjustments too

Mundus Stones

  • The Atronach and The Serpent: Increased the recovery bonus granted to 310, up from 238.
  • The Mage and The Tower: Decreased the maximum resource granted to 2023, down from 2028.
  • The Lord: Decreased the Max Health granted to 2225, down from 2230.
  • The Lady and The Lover: Decreased the Armor and Armor Penetration granted to 2744, down from 2752.
  • The Thief: Increased the Critical Strike rating granted to 1537, up from 1533.
  • The Ritual: Decreased the Healing Done granted to 8%, down from 10%.
  • The Shadow: Now grants 11% Critical Damage and Healing, rather than 13% Critical Damage

Item Sets

I am not writing the list you can read the patch notes if you want that, but I will tell you the basic adjustments they have made for example sets that target "allies" will apply only to group members, so keep that in mind whilst PVP ing. Armor of the Trainee is now worth considering as it is now a 3pc set useful if you want to use a Monster Helm and Master Weapons. The halls of Fabrication trial sets now target yourself and up to 5 other party members. Spell Power Cure  now vies for healer top spot with ease of application and mobility. 

The full patch notes can be read on the ESO Forums 

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