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re: Asylum Sanctorum


Boss A  The Poison boss has a Staff and is called Saint Lothis


Stay out of the Green Circular AoEs

When he Raises his Staff in the air and shoots green bolts INTERRUPT HIM (with a bash or ranged interrupt)

When you are targeted by a Green "Defiling" cone AoE STAND STILL, anyone else in the cone has to move. You will Glow Green. The DoTs from this attack can be PURGED.

Boss B The Teleport boss is dual wielding and is called Saint Felms.


He will always jump to the 2 people furthest away and leaves a red AoE on the ground.

The Red AoE gives you a Maim debuff so make sure the players furthest away are either Healers or Tanks. 

Boss C The Clockwork Dragon called Saint Olms


Green Dots are the 2 Tanks (You need 2 for +1 or +2), Blue Dots are the 2 Healers, Purple Dots are the hopefully 8 Damage Dealers we have.

Red Dots are the Theodolite Spawn Locations you can use these to guide your position.


The Main Tank will pull the boss to the Right of the Map so it stand just in front of the central red dot. And try to maintain the attention of the Main boss. Watch out for AoEs and move side to side to avoid them not forward and back. You will  need to block all the bosses attacks.

The Off Tank will taunt the side bosses (A and/or B see mechanics above) they will still teleport and move around but by remaining in this position they will return to you and can be AoE down with the boss until they are kneeling.


You will be paired with one of the Tanks one (Main Healer) will stand to the side of the Main Tank and the other will stand facing the Off Tank (Off Healer). This sounds easier than it will be you need to pay attention to the mechanics like a DD whilst trying to keep everyone alive. 

Things that will help - Resource Recovery, Ranged Heals such as Breath of Life or Rapid Regeneration, Purge for the Poison Defile and the Fire later.

Damage Dealers

This is a game of Simon Says, Do not move from your line/path. The ONLY exception is during the HIDE/SPLIT phase. If you need to resurrect someone you should only resurrect the person either side of you.

The Damage Dealers on the ends nearest the entrance and the exit will be responsible for Resurrecting the Main Tank and Healer. They will also be responsible for calling when a theodolite appears on their side.

The Central Damage Dealers will resurrect the Off-Tank and Off Healer if needed and will call Central Theodolites.

Things that will help - Ranged Attacks, Ranged Interrupts, Self Heals/Shields

Now for the Phases (In Priority Order)...

            here I will briefly mention the Raid Notifier AddOn, it will pop a notification on the screen when different phases happen and you can choose which notifications you have. You don't need it. You don't have to have it. It IS useful.

SPLIT (Gust of Steam) - When the Main Boss hits 90%, 75%, 50% and 25% Health he will jump from end to end. We suggest you call it at 2% before hand to go to either the ENTRANCE or the EXIT spread out so AoE's don't overlap and block/shield. N.B. Off Tank and Healer with the DDs to the Right of the Boss go to the Entrance. Main Tank and Healer along with the DD's to the Left of the Boss go to the Exit.

KITE (Storm the Heavens) - The boss will fly into the air and shoot lightning AoE's at you. Everyone should immediately walk backwards in a straight line from their normal position. There will be 3 AoEs thrown at you then you can go back to your normal position. N..B. Don't Run or Don't block concentrate on not overlapping with anyone else. It is better for you to die and be resurrected than to take out the people beside you. The Off Tank will have to Turn Around so they are walking backwards towards the Off -Healer.

RESURRECT - As I explained earlier only resurrect your neighbours or the Tank/Healers assigned to you. Otherwise it gets messy quickly. Do not try to resurrect in the Kite or Split stage. Do not stand in an AoE to resurrect someone. If you have been resurrected do not stand up if your body is in an AoE or the Kite/Split phase has started.

AoE - Move out of the following AoE's by walking forwards or backwards along your Kite line. Lightning AoE, Red Teleport AoE or a Neighbours Green Defile Cone AoE. At 25% large Fire AoEs will fill the room for a moment you can survive standing in 1 AoE you need to ensure you are not standing where 2 or more AoEs overlap. Walking along your kite line so you are level with the arrow is about right. This Fire should be Purged.

SPHERE (Theodolite) - These are Theodolites but it's easier to shout sphere and as funny as Roomba it's best to just have 1 word. Theodolites will stop on one of the plates in the room (Red Dots) They place a shield on the boss he will not take damage while one is up. Attack the Theodolite that is in your range but DO NOT MOVE, if you can't reach just attack the side Bosses (A &/ B) if they are not available regain resources by using heavy attacks on the boss. 

ADDs - If you are doing +1 or +2 you will be joined by Boss A and or Boss B see above for their mechanics. The Off Tank will be trying to keep these near the main boss as much as they can and should be killed. Once reduced to 0 HP they will take a knee for a while so you don't have to worry about poison and red AoEs but after a time they get back up. Save your Ultimate for taking these out quickly.

Main Boss - This is a slow fight with waves of mechanics not a Damage Race so chip away at the bosses health when you can between all the other requirements.



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