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re: November Update


We have some updates and reminders.

 Explorers Celebration

Today (Thursday) 12th Nov - Monday 16th Nov

This is a very simple but appreciated event, for questing and exploring.

- Double XP

- Double Harvest Nodes (not fishing)

- Double Gold from quests and monsters.

There are no event tickets, no Impressario and no other collectables. 


We have added new channels to discord with the now updated, Guild Bank Guidelines, About us and more importantly our Community guidelines. 

I would like to remind Reapers not to mention other guilds in our chats or invite reapers to other guilds. We of course appreciate every player can be a member of multiple guilds and it is up to you who you spend your time with.

#ranks channel announces when a reaper ranks up and where you can upvote each other see the channel description or pinned messages for the command. Remember you can only rank up on our discord server. 

We have also created 3 new temporary roles which we will assign once a month. We will give Reapers Scribe to the member who has been the most active in the Text channels over the last month. We will give the Reapers Bard to the member who has been the most active in the Voice channels over the last month. The final role is Reapers Ambassador which will give the member who has earned the most bonus XP either from upvotes or for participating in events.

Guild Events 

We have moved event sign ups to discord in the #guild-events channel. We will still be adding the events to the website's calendar as well for easy reference. As before members with the Adept role and above can still create their own events using the !events command in the channel. You will receive a private message from the Apollo bot who will talk you through the  process please note we do not have the premium version. 

This new system means you need to choose a role for such events such as trials and dungeons as you cannot make multiple selections you can of course change your selection. As before group places are on a first sign up basis and those who accepted get priority placement over tentative if there is limited space. 

We are also adjusting our focus with events, we want to focus more on crafting and social based events. This doesn't mean we will not be doing trials and dungeons but our aim is to get materials, motifs and furnishings. 


We have created a separate section for crafting, the #surreal-crafting-hall for crafting requests, this includes research trait items for Nirnhoned or Jewellery not kept in the guild bank. When making a crafting request please tag @mastercrafters see pinned messages for details to include in your request. A Master Crafter decides how many of the materials for your request must be provided these generally include purple and gold improvement materials, and rare trait materials. We will not charge you for the service.

I hate I need to say this, please remember that to craft items for guild members is a favour the Master Crafters happily provide make sure to be both grateful and considerate for their time


We have added a new rank so non guildmembers can join us on discord such as a friend filling in a group spot. Guests only have access to the Sneaking Hagraven voice channel and the #tavern-chat channel. Please refrain from using these channels unless you are communicating with a guest.


The Reapers Guild Leader 

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