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There are 7 different crafts, which are split into 2 types, there are Equipment Crafts and Consumable Crafts.

Equipment Crafts are Blacksmithing which consists of Heavy Armour and Melee Weapons, Clothier which consists of Light Armour and Medium Armour, and Woodworking which consists of Ranged Weapons and Sheilds. Jewellery which consists of Necklaces and Rings.

Consumable Crafts are Alchemy which is the creating of Potions and Poisons, Enchanting which is creating Glyphs for Weapons and Armour and Provisioning which is the creation of Food and Drink.

Crafting Requests 

If you need some gear crafted for you whether it’s training gear for leveling or end game gear. Please read the below Crafting Request template which lists the relevant information the Reapers Council require.

When requesting gear please include the following information:

Armour type (Light/Medium/Heavy)?
Craftable Set? How many pieces?
Level of the items?

Materials up to CP140 are provided by the guild, as well as normal style and trait materials.

Materials for CP150+, rare styles and traits must be attached, as well as high-end improvement mats if you want it improved to purple or above. 


Writs] Craftable Daily and Master Writs