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For Enchanting you need three materials Potency Runes, Aspect Runes and Essences Runes. The Potency runes come in 2 types subtractive and additive you can tell the difference once you have translaed the rune. The Potency rune determines the level of item the glyph can enchant and effects what kind of glyph you make. The Essence runes determine what kind of enchantment the glyph will give again this will be indicated once a rune has been translated. The aspect rune determines the power of the glyph the rarer the aspect rune the more powerful a glyph at that level.

There are 3 types of glyph that can be crafted Armour glyphs, Weapon glyphs and Jewellery glyphs.

To level your enchanting skill you will want to translate as many different runes as possible this is done by crafting glyphs using runes you haven't translated yet, you will always make a glyph there is no incorrect combination. The other way to level your skill is to deconstruct glyphs and you get more XP if you deconstruct another players crafted glyphs.



Potency Runes 

Aspect Runes

Essence Runes