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We have created a spreadsheet (yes another one ...I can't seem to help myself!) on the spreadsheet we have listed all available houses and marked which ones we own (O - for Owned and P - Primary Residence) if you want your house to be accessible for the guild to visit/use  please add your details to the sheet. We will then list your primary residence on your in-game Roster Note.


Port to Friends House Add-On

This is a fantastic addon if you want to visit each others houses whether for teleport, crafting stations or just to look around. You can save a list of houses that your friends or guildies own which you can port to any time it doesn't have to just be their primary residence. Which is the second  reason for the spreadsheet created so you can set up your list of houses. You can also key bind your favorite houses for instant teleportation.

Guild Hall

Houses (Videos, Prices, Achievements Required,Locations)

Furnishings (Basic, Craftable)