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 Cyrodiil Towns Siege Weapons Battlegrounds 

Beginners Guide

The Guilds Campaign is Shor, which is a 7 day CP enabled campaign which means the leaderboard resets every 7 days 

Useful Addons - Kill Counter This addon is the main one for PVP, it automatically accepts your load into Cyrodiil prompt, it has a small window where you can see your queue position, it keeps track in your chat window of whats being taken by who AND who killed you or who you killed.

How To Enter Cyrodiil Press L, click the top right hand icon "campaigns"  - then 7 day standard - then select Shor have this selected for your home or guest campaign - press E to enter the campaign. If the campaign is full or "pop locked" there will be a lock symbol next to the campaign and you will need to queue here you will be able to see you position in the queue.

Scoring and Rank

Select the top right hand icon "Overview"

On the top right hand of the screen is a number and your Rank e.g. 20 Aldmeri Dominion Captain Grade 2.

Scoring -> There will be a End of Campaign reward tier which is maxed out at 3 which will determine how good a prize you get at the end of a campaign. You increase this by earning AP.

You also have the Alliance points for that campaign you earn points for your alliance by capturing Resources, Keeps, Outposts and Scrolls and keeping them. You gain extra rewards at the end of the campaign depending on whether you won the campaign or not.

Bonuses -> You gain bonuses by capturing certain sets of objectives for example if your alliance has the emperorship or if we own all our home keeps  N.B. AD home keeps are Bloodmayne, black Boots, Faregyl, Roebeck , Alessia and Brindle.

Emperorship -> Will show you your rank on the leaderboard and how much AP you have earned this campaign.

General Skills and Build Tips

The obvious thing to start with is Impenetrable Trait it is important to protect yourself against Critical Damage. There is also a Champion point and a couple of sets which give you critical resistance which combination you use will depend on which campaign you play in.

  • Executes - These are damaging abilities that when the enemy hits a certain % health it does additional damage these are great for getting a killing blow which you need for several achievements.
  • Heal - This may seem simple but every single person should have at least one healing ability.
  • Ground Based AoE - This is abilities such as Caltrops , Daedric Mines , or Fire Rune these are the most common but you can use any that sticks around for a bit and can be placed at a specific location. This is a common tactic to stop enemy players sneaking up on you place the AoE in the opening like a wall or door.
  • Immobilization - This is a fun ability to use but the only ones i can think of are the DK's Talons, the Sorcs Shattering Prism, Trap (Fighters Guild Skill) and the Ice Staff abilities wall and reach have the effect. The only way out of an immobilisation is to Roll Dodge which as you can imagine takes up a lot of Stamina. Is also a useful skill to stop enemies running away or round and round a rock, I personally use it to keep them in my Ultimate once it have dropped.
  • Immovable - This prevents stuns and immobilization but there is only 1 skill I know of which is from the Heavy Armour Skill Line or you can use a potion useful to have.
  • Detection - Sneaking players are a pain but especially in keeps when they may try and hide inside and retake when we leave or resurrect their friends so you can use a number of abilities to detect sneaking players any AoE preferably one that moves with you, Magelight or you can use Detection Potions.