Crafting (back)

         Transmutation is the ability to change the trait of an item, you will need 50 Transmutation Crystals have the trait you wish to change your items trait to researched e.g. if you want to change a flame staff into sharpened you need to have sharpened on a flame staff researched. 


You can change a trait at either the Transmutation Station in Clockwork City (DLC is required to access the city) or you can buy a Transmutation Station from Rollis Hlaalu for 1250 Writ Vouchers. The Reapers have 1 in our guild hall (Travel to @Stubbsy48 Primary Residence) which you do not need a DLC to use.

How do I get Transmutation Crystals?

THe amount of crystals you get varies depending on source and difficulty sometimes you will get Transmutation Geodes rather than Crystals which contain a random number of crystals.

Gauranteed Drops

  • 1st Daily Random Dungeon (either normal or Vet)
  • Undaunted Pledges
  • Veteran Maelstrom Arena 
  • Veteran Dragonstar Arena
  • 1st Reward for the Worthy a Day
  • Weekly Trial Quest
  • Trial, Arena & Cyrodiil Leaderboards

Random Drops

  • Rewards for the Worthy after the first
  • Final Boss in Dungeons (Veteran more likely than Normal)
  • Random Dungeon rewards after 1st