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Witches Festival Plunder Skulls
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Witches Festival Plunder Skulls
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Normal Blackrose Prison

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The shadow of Alistera DND
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Witches Festival Ends
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Witches Festival

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 14 days ago

This is important to get the 100% xp buff you need to blow the Witchmother's whistle but you do not need to drink from the Cauldron which turns you into the skeleton unless you want to.

Dremora Plunder Skulls

You can earn 1 Dremora Plunder Skull from each of the following categories per day

  • Final Arena Bosses (Bows & Legs of the Dremora Motif)
  • World Events - Anchors, Geysers, Dragons etc. (Daggers & Gloves)
  • Delve Bosses (Staves & Belts)
  • Final Dungeon Bosses (Helmets & Maces)
  • Public Dungeons, Quest and Wandering Bosses in IC (Shields & Boots)
  • Final Trial Bosses (Swords & Chests)
  • World Bosses (shoulders & Axes)
  • Morrigan & S'Abor (None so leave us alone :P)

These special skulls have the chance to include

Dremora Motif Chapters, Witches Festival Writs, Glenmoril Treasure Maps, Glenmoril Armour Outfit Style Pages...these were available last year so many of us that have already collected these items will be looking to give them away. check the Reapers Guild bank or leave a request in the #witches-festival channel on Discord.

There is also the brand new Grave Dancer Weapon Style Pages

Once you have collected your Dremora Plunder Skull from a specific Boss type you will receive ordinary Plunder Skulls 

Witches Festival themed Recipes, Witches Festival Furnishings and Furnishing Recipes, Bewitching Alchemy Reagents and a brand new...

Throwing Bones Momento (collect 10 pieces to create)

Event Tickets!

You gain 3 Tickets with the first Dremora Plunder Skull you earn each day.

Spend your tickets on the New Momento and Weapon Style Pages

New Grab Bags if you missed collectables from previous witches festivals...Nice

and 2 Crimson Indrik Berries for the Final Event Indrik and it is awesome! Check the Calendar for our events!

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