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Tribunal Celebration

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 10 days ago


We have created a new channel for this festival on our discord server #tribunal-celebration

In the channel you can see:

- How to earn your Event Tickets
- What rewards are available

-What events we will be running during the celebration

Short Version...Do Daily Quests in both the Clockwork City and Vvardenfell

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Veteran Cloudrest +0

by Morrigan Duskhunter, 11 days ago

Tonight We have our first Veteran Cloudrest +0 attempt in a long time so here is what you need to know

We need 2 Tanks, 2 Healers 8 Damage Dealers

Tip! Self Heals (Everyone), Ranged Interrupts, Execute (Damage Dealers) Single Target Ultimate (Damage Dealers) Immobilise abilities (Damage Dealers)


Portals (All fights)

We will need 2 groups of 3 DD to go into the portals.

*New* We will have 2 DDs in reserve ,one for each group, if you die and are meant to be in the portal call out so the reserve can go down.

The groups must alternate or you die when you attempt to enter the portal. So remember which group you are in.

Once inside the portal its the same break the crystals, upstairs needs to send down the shards (Priority) Take the orb to the shards.

Tip! Do NOT pick up the orbs until all  shards are down as they deal more damage when you are holding them

N.B. this must be done before the Yaghra Monstrosities make it through or it is a wipe.


Welkynar + Gryphon Mini Bosses

The tanks must take one target and keep them separated or they enrage.

*New* Tip! The Gryphon Tank should keep it near the entrance, to avoid its claw attack run between it's front legs to the back.

The bosses must be killed at the Same time, We usually get the Gryphon down to 20% then take out the Welkynar before finishing off the Gryphon.

*New* Tip! When the Welkynar reaches 10% Health WAIT until the next portal phase is completed then burn him and the Gryphon

Once the Welkynar is dead Creepers will spawn which are a pain in the arse but you need to focus the Gryphon.


       Ice Boss (Galanwe)

            Hoarfrost - An icy blue aura which slows you after 6s you can use your synergy to drop it.

                             Another Player needs to pick this up quickly. Once 3 people have dropped it, it will disappear.

                              N.B. This should not be someone due to go in the portal next.

                                    If you have it and are supposed to go down WAIT until you have dropped it UPSTAIRS

             Ice Comet (Welkynar 50%) - 3 Large AoEs on players. Spread Out. Don't Overlap. BLOCK!

       Fire Boss (Siroria)

            Fire Comet - If you are targeted by the Comet STAND STILL, there will be a yellow AoE.

                               Everyone but the Tanks should stack on the target. at least 3 people need to share the damage or you will die.

             Circles (Welkynar 50%) - They will jump in the air then shoot out 3 ground based AoEs these hurt AVOID them.

       Shock Boss (Relequen)

               Voltaic Overload - 2 Players will have one weapon bar cursed.

                                         Tip! You will have a little warning so you can choose which of your weapon bars you would rather lose for 10s

                                          Once a bar is cursed you will have a pillar of lightning above your head and a deep blue AoE around you

                                           you MUST SWAP to your OTHER weapon bar for 10s or you will kill everyone

               Shock Beam (Welkynar 50%) - The boss will target a few players and must be INTERRUPTED quickly

Zmaja Boss

          Portal - Now a Tank must join each of the portal teams and go through the portal first!

                      Avoid the explosion by heading up to the 1 safe platform (glowing Aoe) jump down as soon as the explosion is finished,

          Yagra Spider - When the tank exits the portal, he should taunt the Yagra Spider until it is dead then swap swap with the other tank to taunt Zmaja.

          Shades - If a player dies, DDs need to pile on the shade that spawns and kill it BEFORE attempting to resurrect the player

          Teleport Cone - Spawns from the portal when Zmaja hits 60% Health

          Creepers - Spawn at 40% Health and must be killed quickly Ultimates should be saved for these

The rest is same as normal KITE the beam AoE, destroy the BALLs from range, and when Zmaja hits 0HP the real Execute begins on her SHADE stack on her tail 

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