Where will you find us?

You will find us on the European (EU) PC/Mac server. We are in the Aldmeri Dominion (AD), we accept other factions into the guild but you would need an AD character for our PVP events. Our Guild Members come from all over the world, but as an English speaking Guild a lot of us are from the UK.

Who are we?

We are a social guild, we have been running since the beginning of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). We are a casual guild and understand real life comes first, all we ask is you join in when you can. We will not tell our members how to play their game, but will happily give advice if you ask. We began as a crafting guild and you will notice how much time and effort many of us spend levelling crafting skills and gathering motifs and furnishing patterns.

What events/content do we do?

We run a variety of events including Fishing, Motif Farming, Trials and even a smattering of PVP. We also do events just for fun such as Quizzes, Hunts and themed content runs. We particularly like running events for those little achievements or collectables such as "I like Maiq" or collecting the "Big Eared Ginger Kitten"

What facilities and services do we offer?

The best service we provide is the website, we try to keep it up to date with news and information. You will find the month’s events and our monthly update.

Along with the website, we also run a Discord server to allow our members to play together with easier communication and even just to socialise. This service is only for Guild Members, however you do not need to be in game to join us there. Come along and share a meme, drool over recipes or debate exactly how necromancers work in eso lore.

We also offer many crafting services to you from creating new gear to crafting research items and housing furnishings.

We have a house we use as a Guild Hall (the primary residence of @Stubbsy48) which we use for events and has , a Banker, a Merchant and a few Training Skeletons.

We also have a Grimm Reapers Crafting Hall with nearly all the available crafting set stations as well as a Transmutation Station, there seems to be several dark stories in this place. 

We also give free Werewolf and Vampire Bites to guild members just ask in guild chat. Nom nom nom 

What do we ask of you?

If you are going to be away from the game for longer than two months, let us know on our extended AFK thread and we will hold your place in the guild.

We ask our Initiates to join in, to rank up to full Reaper either socially or with groups and events, within a month of joining us.

We also have a code of conduct which all members must follow.

  • No Offensive Comments or “Jokes” about Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation or Religion.

    N.B. This is considered gross misconduct and you may be kicked without warning

  • We do not speak about Religion or Politics in our Guild Chat or Discord, please also consider those around you if you are discussing a sensitive subject.

  • We ask that guild members only speak in English in our Guild chat and Discord

  • Do not attempt to make any sales in Guild chat. Trading or gifting items is fine but no WTB or WTS.

  • No other Guilds should be advertised in any way in Guild Chat or on our Website. We appreciate you can be in multiple guilds but no recruiting or name dropping.
  • We do not accept abusive language towards other players, whether they are a guild member or not.

Should there be a problem you will be given 1 warning by a Reapers Hand or Reapers Council, if the problem continues you will be removed from the guild.

Streaming videos on Twitch/Youtube

 We are very happy for guildies to stream whilst in game and during events as long as the following conditions are met:

1) The Guild Chat panel must be completely covered so that anyone watching the stream cannot read the contents of chat.

2) Discord voice and text chat must be muted and hidden. Only your voice should be streamed.

3) If you want to stream your conversations with other guildies you MUST be in the Shhh! Livestreaming voice channel.

N.B. If you enter this channel you may be being streamed.