Let's tell you a little bit about who we are. The Reapers are a bunch of weird and wonderful people from all over the world who get together on our Discord server to enjoy the vast amazing land of Tamriel and have a good laugh while we do! We like to partake in a little bit of everything in game and a few other things besides whether it's discussing other games or playing some Dungeons & Dragons. There are a variety of play styles and we enjoy weaving them together to find success (eventually).


You're here for the gritty stuff right? I mean you want to be sure we are the right guild for you so lets talk details. We enjoy playing all aspects of the game and have been since the Soulburst began, from Dungeons & Trials to PvP & Questing, sampling many Sweetrolls if you will. We run regular events and group up whenever we can. We have our roots buried in the Crafting aspect of the game so have many Master Crafters to assist with gear and munchies should you need it. We are also a little bit nuts about the housing in Tamriel and have a lovingly decorated Guild Hall in Reapers March (see what we did there?) and a fully decked out Crafting Hall in Coldharbour.


Its a lot to manage so our Discord server really helps with that. We ask that all our guildies join our Discord so you can follow events, news and chat with the rest of us. We even have a fancy bot that tracks your activity and ranks you up the more you get involved. Neat huh! We are a pretty easy going bunch but we have a code of conduct we ask people to abide by when interacting with each other. We like to think of it as our damage shield against Trolls and other unpleasantness. One major thing you will see with us is that we always support your own play style so we will never tell you how to gear your character, what roles you should be playing or skills to have on your bar. If you want advice we are happy to talk your ear off if you'll let us. You'll also notice we all play at different times of day. This is due to a mixture of our members living all over the world in varying time zones and the fact that whilst we would love to dive into Tamriel head first, we know Real Life is important too. We don't expect you to be gaming all the time, or chatting with us when you just want to enjoy that well written quest story. Just participate in events sometimes, it's why we have the guild right?


Recruitment (Who are we looking for?)


So what do you think? Still not sure. Let's try it this way, do you want to group up with other people and have a laugh while playing? Do you have a desire to explore the world of Nirn but don't want to be rushed through content? Are you easygoing and maybe even a little weird? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions we think you will fit right in. Say Hi and see if we fit.


Community Rules

Be considerate of the guild members around you. Consider who you are grouping with or talking to. If they ask you not to do something then be considerate and stop.


  • No Hate speech or ”jokes” based on gender, race, sexuality etc.

  • Do not talk about religion or politics in our chats

  • Do not talk about other guilds this includes recruitment and general name dropping

  • Use English in our chats

  • No Selling or Buying in chat (Gifting or Swapping items is fine.)

  • Do not abuse other players whether they are in the guild or not

  • If streaming or recording outside of your discord channel, you must:

    Hide both the game and discord chat, 

    Only stream/record your own voice.

  • Be considerate when using certain language, We do not have a problem with swearing (in moderation) but we will not accept the use of cunt at any time. You have been warned.

  • There will never be a need to apologise for the following with us;
    - Dying or "Allowing/Causing" a group member death
    - Real Life situations such as Pets, Children or Eating (be prepared to be quizzed on flavours, pets names etc.) Members may lower your volume during this time so be aware you may need to send a text message to regain attention.

    This stuff happens and you have no control, don't worry we all do it.

If there is a problem a Reapers Council or Hand will speak with you and try to resolve it. If the problem cannot be resolved or happens again you will be removed from the guild.