The Reapers have been running on the EU PC/Mac server since the game began. We are a casual guild that focuses on the Social and Crafting side of things. Casual to us means we know real life comes first, and how and what you play. We won’t tell you what gear to wear or abilities to use.We are happy to share our advice and experience with you as well as share the adventure that is ESO. We are not interested in grinding levels or carrying through content, nor will we use shortcuts. 


        We like a variety of events and do a little bit of everything from delves and public dungeons to trials and PVP, usually to collect a motif, track down an antiquity lead or gather crafting supplies. Some of our events are just for fun whether an impromptu game of lawn darts or trying to solve a puzzle to restore our guild leader back from a frog. The only content we don’t do is Veteran Hard Mode DLC Dungeons and Trials.


         We do a smidge of role playing in a Tamriel themed Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign,which we play on Saturday mornings once or twice a month. You can also join our in game Werewolf Pack or Vampire Coven just ask for a bite. We have feeding stations available in the guildhall  and occasional Pack or Coven events.


          Discord is both our voice server and community hub as such we use an activity bot to calculate and assign ranks which we use in game. This means you will need to be active on Discord to rank up. 


           We have Master Crafters who are happy to help you with gear, trait research and levelling skill lines. We have a wonderful crafting hall with all the stations organised for easy Master Writ completion.We also swap and share recipes, motifs and furnishings recipes via our guild bank or personally through dedicated discord channels.


Recruitment (Who are we looking for?)


We welcome players from all alliances, for all of our PVP events we fight for the Queen, which means these events Aldmeri Dominion characters only. We are an english speaking guild, and ask members to stick with english in our chats. We are looking for members who group or socialize, who are willing to lend a hand or keep someone company. We want players who will wait for the whole party before starting the fight and listen to tactics even when nobody needs them just in case. New and returning players are welcome here. Absence from the guild is measured by Discord and determined by your rank.


Community Rules

Be considerate of the guild members around you. Consider who you are grouping with or talking to. If they ask you not to do something then be considerate and stop.


  • No Hate speech or ”jokes” based on gender, race, sexuality etc.

  • Do not talk about religion or politics in our chats

  • Do not talk about other guilds this includes recruitment and general name dropping

  • Use English in our chats

  • No Selling or Buying in chat (Gifting or Swapping items is fine.)

  • Do not abuse other players whether they are in the guild or not

  • If streaming or recording outside of your discord channel, you must:

    Hide both the game and discord chat, 

    Only stream/record your own voice.

  • Be considerate when using certain language, We do not have a problem with swearing (in moderation) but we will not accept the use of cunt at any time. You have been warned.

  • There will never be a need to apologise for the following with us;
    - Dying or "Allowing/Causing" a group member death
    - Real Life situations such as Pets, Children or Eating (be prepared to be quizzed on flavours, pets names etc.) Members may lower your volume during this time so be aware you may need to send a text message to regain attention.

    This stuff happens and you have no control, don't worry we all do it.

If there is a problem a Reapers Council or Hand will speak with you and try to resolve it. If the problem cannot be resolved or happens again you will be removed from the guild.