The roots of the Reapers were a Crafting Guild. This is still one of our main interests in ESO.


We have a Crafting Hall - Coldharbour Surreal Estate

You will need an Addon such as Port to friends House to access as we have two guild halls.

With all the attuneable Crafting Stations (every Craftable set) Laid out in Alpahbetical columns. This is really useful for completing Master Writs and crafting character gear. 


@Master Crafters

Any guild member who has level 50 in all Crafting Skill Lines and and researched all 9 traits on each skill line can request the Master Crafter tag.

Our Master Crafters are happy to help with crafting requests post in #crafting channel. Make sure to include Level, type, trait and set if applicable. 

We are happy to craft basic gear but you may be asked to provide rare/expensive materials such as improvement materials or alchemy reagents. Not all Crafting Motif styles may be available.

We can also craft a variety of Furnishings if you enjoy housing.


Crafting Channel

Our Discord #crafting channel is also used for trading Style Motifs and Furnishing Patterns.


Guild Banks

When you reach @novice rank (Level 11 on Discord) you can access to our Reapers Guild Bank this has traited items you can use for research. You will also find blue provisioning recipes and some basic motif style pages, which we encourage our members to take what they need for themselves just don't sell or deconstruct any of it. During festivals and celebration events we also exchange Motifs, Styles pages and Runeboxes that we have spare in this bank.

We also have a second bank the Reapers Sanctuary, you can join this guild on request to access Furnnishing Patterns and Furnishings again we encourage members to take what they need/use but not sell. 



You will often find a theme to our events, there is the chance of a style motif, an antiquity lead dropping or gaining an achievement which often leads to an armour dye or furnishing. Another aspect a crafter may enjoy of our events is the Set collection (Stickerbook) usually at the end of an event or during breaks guildies will post set items they do not need/happy to trade in group chat to help each other complete their collections.