Serenity Falls Manor

Serenity Falls is located in Reaper's March which will be used as our Guild Hall.

See the video below for a short tour.

How do I get there? - You can visit the guild hall at any time by right clicking on @Stubbsy48 on the guild roster and selecting 'Visit players primary residence'.

You can add which houses you own to this #guild-hall-and-house , using the addon "Port to friends house" you can visit any house a person owns as long as you know which houses they own and their @name. See our Guide to Port to friends house


Guildhall Features

This house is useful for creating and maintaining character builds.

This house also displays the guilds trophies, achievements and memories. 


 Basic Crafting Stations

 Dye (Outfit) Station

 Banker, Merchant, Smuggler

 Armory - Save & Switch Character Builds

 Transmutation Station - To change traits & rebuild set items from Stickerbook



Feeding Dummy & Blood Fountain (controls your Vampire level)

Ayleid Well (Recharges your ultimate, resources for Dummy Tests)


Target Dummies

The Precursor (Simple)

Bone Goliath (Veteran Dungeon Boss)

Frost Atronach (DLC Veteran Dungeon Boss)

Iron Atronach (Veteran Trial Boss)


Mundus Stones

The Lover (Penetration)

The Thief (Critical Chance) 


We have a seperate guild hall with ALL  crafting stations. Click for guide to visiting our crafting hall. .