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Serenity Falls Manor

Serenity Falls is located in Reaper's March which will be used as our Guild Hall.

See the video below for a short tour.

How do I get there? - You can visit the guild hall at any time by right clicking on @Stubbsy48 on the guild roster and selecting 'Visit players primary residence'.

You can add which houses you own to this spreadsheet, using the addon "Port to friends house" you can visit any house a person owns as long as you know which houses they own and their @name. See our Guide to Port to friends house

Guildhall Rules

We have a few simple rules we request all our guild members to follow whilst in the Guildhall, all simple stuff just for the consideration of fellow guild mates.

  • Only Officers and Council will have decorator permissions (can move rearrange/decorations)
  • Training Skeletons

    – If a member is using a Training Skeleton please do not interfere with their Test by attacking the skeleton or annoying the player. You may only use one skeleton at a time.

  • Dueling

    – Please Only duel in the dedicated dueling area which is marked on our map, its a large area and can accommodate a few duels at once. Do not interfere with current Duels.

  • Roleplaying

    – The Guild hall is a great opportunity for Roleplaying, If you do not like to Roleplay that is fine but please do not be rude or ruin someones roleplaying. We also do not run a brothel so please be considerate with your emotes and make sure your press-ups are clothed and solo…

    Guildhall Features


    We have a Bank assistant we gives you access to your own bank only and a merchant which allows you to sell items but cannot repair your armour. We also have a fence you can only sell stolen items to you cannot launder items, and there is a selling fee of 35% for the smuggler (fence) only. Please Note you will only be able to use the smuggler if you have unlocked them yourself via the Thieves Guild DLC storyline.

    Training Skeletons

    There is a Robust Training Skeleton and two standard Training Skeletons located behind the wedding arch in the Graveyard. We will not be purchasing a Training Construct.

    Crafting Stations

    We have a few standard crafting stations, Enchanting, Alchemy, a Cooking Fire and a Dye Station. The dye Station can be found in the main building where as the other crafting  stations are found in or near the outbuilding.


    Attuned Crafting Stations

    We have a seperate guild hall with many popular crafting stations. Click for guide to visiting our crafting hall. As we receive more master writs we are able to purchase more attunable crafting stations. below is the sets we have so far. They are all complete sets which means we have the Blacksmithing, Clothing, Woodworking and Jewelry Stations of that set.

    Adept Rider, Alessia's Bulwark, Armour Master, Assassin's Guile, Clever Alchemist, Daedric Trickery, Eternal Hunt, Eyes of Mara, Fortified Brass, Grave-Stake Collector, Hunding's Rage, Innate Axiom, Julianos, Kagrenac's Hope, Kvatch Gladiator, Magnus Gift, Mechanical Acuity, Morkuldin, Night Mother's Gaze, Noble's Conquest, Nocturnal's Favour, Orgnum's Scales, Pelenial's Aptitude, Redistributor, Seducer, Shacklebreaker, Shalidor's Curse, Sload's Semblance, Tava's Favour, Torug's Pact, Trial by Fire, Twice-Born Star, Varen's Legacy, Way of the Arena

    As more Attunable crafting stations get added we will update this list so check back regularly to see if we have added more or just pay the Guildhall a visit!


    Simply visit his Primary Residence and you will find them on the beach.

    Mundus Stones

    • The Thief

    • The Shadow

    • The Apprentice

    • The Atronach