Guild Bank Guidelines

The Reapers guild has an open bank as a service to help our members collect items they need. This service is provided on a trust basis so everyone must read the following guidelines for our various guild banks so they can understand how the system works. We check the Bank histories on a regular basis so we know what is taken, is given and by who.

If the banks are misused, the member will have their access to these banks removed, they will be contacted to explain the issue and find a solution. If the problem is resolved, access to the banks will be renewed. If not, or misuse happens again, they will be removed from the guild.

Remember, the items in our banks are for all members use so do not take more than you need.

No items in this bank should be taken for the purpose of selling or deconstructing.

Our banks will no longer have Green Recipes, or Set Items any donated to the guild will be removed and sold. 


If you wish to donate items, please mail it to a Reapers Council member.


 The Reapers bank


This is the Guild’s main bank. All members of Novice rank and above have permission to exchange items in this bank. 



  • Traited Items for Research including Jewellery

  • Blue Provisioning Recipes

  • Consumables - Food, Potions, Soul Gems, Repair Kits

  • Current Festival Collectables

  • Siege Weapons

Items not available

 The following items may not be taken from these banks. If found here, they will be moved to the Banking Service:

  • Nirnhoned Traited Items

These items can be crafted on request by tagging a @MasterCrafter in our #surreal-crafting channel in discord (materials must be provided)


 The Reapers Sanctuary bank


Members who are Novice rank can request an invite to this second guild and will have permissions to exchange items in this bank. 


  • Spare furnishings

  • Common furnishing patterns (under 1000g)


The Reapers Banking Service


 This is the guild’s prize bank which holds our rare and expensive items that have been donated to the guild. Only Reapers Hand and Reaper’s Council members can withdraw from this bank and its contents are given out during our events. Members who are Reaper Rank and above can request an invite to this guild and will be able to deposit their donations directly.



  • Motifs
  • Rare Furnishing Patterns
  • Festival Collectables


Thank you

May you have Keen Eyes and Sharp Scythes